Street Fighter IV Unlockable Characters Guide

Street Fighter IV Unlockable Characters Guide
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Street Fighter IV Unlockable Characters: Fei Long, Cammy, Gen, and Rose

Street Fighter IV has nine characters to choose from at the start of the game. All the fighters are relatively fun and entertaining, with their own unique fighting style, history and attacks. To unlock most of the other characters you need to beat Arcade mode with every character in the game. A few of the others are unlocked by beating the game with certain other characters, while the remaining unlockable fighters will require additional challenges be accomplished to unlock.

To make your task easier when unlocking the characters below, set the difficulty to easy and the rounds to one, and then pick an opponent and take them into battle.

Fei Long - A popular action movie star, Fei Long had the life we all dream of but instead desires the fame and glory of competing in and winning the toughest martial arts contests in the world. To follow his chosen path, he has left his dream life behind and seeks to prove his worth as a fighter. To unlock Fei Long beat Arcade mode with Abel.

Cammy - Cammy used to work for M. Bison’s Shadaloo organization before she left to join the special forces Red Delta Team. Using her knowledge of M. Bison’s world wide organization, she and Red Delta were able to defeat Shadaloo, but now that Bison has reappeared, Cammy has decided someone should put his evil bones to rest once and for all. Unlock Cammy beat Arcade mode with Crimson Viper.

Gen - Gen is a martial artist trained in techniques designed for assassination that pinpoint a target’s vital energy points. He can use one of two fighting techniques which allows him to switch fighting strategy and tactics during a match and keep his opponent guessing. To unlock Gen beat Arcade mode with Chun-Li.

Rose - Rose was once possessed by M. Bison during which time she learned that she and M. Bison share the same soul, despite the fact that Bison and is evil and she is pure. Now that M. Bison has returned she has vowed to find him and bring his reign to a slow and very painful end. Unlock Rose by beating Arcade mode with M. Bison.

Street Fighter IV Unlockable Characters: Dan, Sakura, Akuma, Gouden, and Seth

Street Fighter IV Unlockables

Dan - Dan believes his personal martial arts style of Saikyo is the strongest form of martial arts and he fights to prove this to the world. He is constantly tweaking and perfecting his Saikyo fighting techniques and attacks. To unlock Dan beat Arcade mode with Sakura.

Sakura - Sakura idolizes Ryu and follows him around the world, entering the same contests and hoping he’ll take her as his student and help her improve her fighting ability. To unlock Sakura beat Arcade mode with Ryu.

Akuma - You have to unlock all the characters above and then beat Arcade mode under the following conditions to unlock Akuma, which is a challenge even on easy mode.

  • Set matches to 1 round
  • Lose no rounds
  • Earn a perfect victory (no damage) in at least one round

After you do complete the above conditions, Akuma will appear and challenge you to a fight, all you have to do now is beat him and he’s unlocked for you to use.

Gouden - Once you’ve unlocked Akuma you can unlock Gouden by beating Arcade mode under the following conditions:

  • Set matches to on
  • Once again you must not lose
  • Earn a Perfect Victory (no damage) in at least three rounds
  • Earn an Ultra Combo Finish in at least three rounds

After you compete the above conditions Gouken will appear to challenge you to a fight, just defeat him and you can use him as a playable character.

Seth - To unlock Seth beat Arcade mode with all of the eight characters above.