Street Fighter IV Guide: Character Strategies and Special Moves

Street Fighter IV Guide: Character Strategies and Special Moves
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Abel - Abel is a Street Fighter IV character for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 video game versions that has options at a distance, but is most effective when close enough to his opponent to reach out and touch them.

Implement the Roll and EX High Kick (HK) Wheelkick to move in close quickly with less risk. A good tactic up-close is to pressure your opponent by dash canceling a standing Medium Kick (MK) by holding towards your opponent, hitting MK, and then just tapping forwards once more. Abel will forget his attack in favor of a dash to keep his opponent blocking and Abel at their throat.

Once you have them in this position, follow up with Tornado Throws, quick rolls to either side, and cross-up attacks using flying medium kicks. When up against fireballers implement Abel’s Ultra, it has good damage protection and speed, and don’t forget to combo into this move when you are successful with a crouching High Punch (HP).


Street Fighter IV Special Moves

Viper - Viper’s most effective attack could be the fast and instantly airborne Burning Kick. You do this attack by jumping toward your enemy and attacking with the Burning Kick right away. The jump arc of the attack will be noticeably decreased and your character will move across half the screen width and attack immediately. You should knock down your enemy and kick-wide the door for additional attacks (this attack is pretty safe if blocked also).

Follow this attack with a High Kick in the air or ground, if your opponent blocks the attack, cancel the attack (while still in motion) into a Burning Kick, which will move very fast across the screen and hit your opponent. If you land the Burning Kick, immediately add her Ultra combo, it will take timing, but it’s so nice to execute properly. Keep pressuring opponents with low kicks, and get use to blocking with her; you’ll need to block to survive.

Abel also has a special cancel trick that you should use to make opponents block, and then she can move in for a quick throw (just tap any two punches right after executing a Thunder Knuckle or Seismo-Hammer and Abel will quickly stop her attack and recover immediately).

Chun Li

Chun Li - Chun Li is a lady that was meant to be at he opponents throat at all times, played aggressively with an intelligently executed and planned offense, she’s a tough opponent that’s hard to beat.

Keep your enemy guessing by using jumping LK. Once you land, jump again with a MK stomp for an instant overhead or stay on her feet and use crouching LP. This attack is one of the quickest in Street Fighter IV, so use it to keep your opponent pinned down trying to defend, while you keep mixing up your attacks, with throws, overhead flopkicks, Focus Attacks, or a combo into EX Lightning Legs.


Street Fighter IV Strategies: Ken

Ken - Ken is one of the most popular Street Fighter IV characters who can really cross his opponent up with jumping MK (or LK), so use this attack all the time. Once you confuse your opponent, move into two crouching LKs followed by a crouching MK.

Should the attack get blocked, combo the MK into a fireball to keep your opponent at distance. Should your attack land, combo into EX Hurricane Kick, this attack does a lot of dizzy and will leave you next to your opponent for follow up combos. If your opponent is going to block the attack, change it into a throw, should they counter your throw, jump up straight into the air. This will cause them to miss if they go for the throw and you can land on them as they’re trying to get their balance and deliver a nice combo, and you might score a dizzy.

Try to hit your opponent early in the fight with a LP Dragon Punch, and then follow up with a HP Dragon Punch to juggle the opponent. You won’t damage your opponent much, but they will be humiliated and demoralized for a awhile, and this helps you build the super meter for executing more EX Hurricanes!


Street Fighter IV Special Moves by Character

Ryu - Ryu has always been a popular and entertaining Street Fighter IV character to play and one of the most versatile fighters who can take down any other fighter in the tournament if played correctly. Ryu is especially dangerous because you can land his Ultra combo without a Focus Attack.

Should you hit an airborne opponent with only a portion of your LP Dragon Punch (you can even trade blows effectively), you can almost always recover in time to juggle your opponent’s descending body with your Ultra fireball. Ryu can also hit airborne opponents with his Ultra combo after contacting his opponent with his jumping MP, after an EX fireball, and sometimes if you’re in the corner, he can even use his EX Hurricane kick to get out of trouble.