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CrimeCraft: Bleedout - Episode 1 Walkthrough

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The very first episode of Bleedout was released by Vogster and gamers who need help completing the missions can find out everything they need to know right here.

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    It's Time To Bleed Out

    Comic strips from the episode Vogster Entertainment has spent many months leading up to the release of Bleedout for CrimeCraft, promoting it at just about every turn. Well, it’s finally arrived in a weekly outing of episodes featuring quest-based scenarios and missions told through comic book cut-scenes from some of the industry's leading artists. The new expansion is actually quite massive, featuring 2 gig’s worth of downloadable content that introduces new weapons, clothes, a map and much more.

    An unhealthy interrogation What’s nice about the new Bleedout campaign is that it isn’t just designed to have some story thrown in there just for the sake of it, it actually follows the fall of modern civilization as we know it. The campaign also allows players to team together and take on the missions cooperatively, which is a major plus given how hard the episodic content can be. This Crimecraft Bleedout guide will walk you through the first episode and how to get through the campaign without losing your wits.

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    The Fall And Rise Of Sunrise

    You can never be too careful The Bleedout campaign simply can’t be accessed from anywhere. First and foremost you’ll need to check your mail at a mailbox to receive the Episode 1 ticket, which will activate the first series of quests for the Bleedout campaign. Head to a mailbox to read the letter and accept the ticket. Activate the ticket to begin the first set of quests.

    The very first mission will see you talking to a mysterious fellow named Pilot in a back alley. He will walk you through what happened with Sunrise and how things got to be as bad as they are. He’ll send you to Oceanside where you’ll need to protect a very valuable cargo container from thugs and raiders. This is a defense mission, similar to Ghost Recon’s co-op defensive mode where wave after wave of enemies will spawn around a target area that has to be protected.

    The mission isn’t too hard if you have help, and just about anyone can join in on the mission to help you protect the crate. After successfully defeating all the bad guys return to Pilot and complete the mission.

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    The Ledgers Of Death

    Tax ledgers can be risky business The next mission is a little more difficult and you’ll need a lot of teamwork to pull it off…or a heck of a lot of firepower. Be sure to stock up on ammunition and boosters because you’ll need it for the next mission.

    Finding NPCs to interrogate 

    The tax ledgers must be returned to Pilot and you’ll need to interrogate NPCs, new James Bond-style, in order to find out where the ledgers are and how to retrieve them. At the start of the stage you’ll need to wear down an NPC so he’ll let you in the area, after that a little bit of stealth is required, so it might be best to find a guy or two who is alone to interrogate him. The interrogation process isn’t anything like Splinter Cell Conviction but it simply requires a quick melee hit or a few shots to the chest to get the NPCs talking.

    They’ll direct you to the center of the stage where you’ll need to enter the building guarded by a lot of mobs. It’s useful if you have teammates because they can help you get into the building. Head to the southwest wall of the building once you get inside and a staircase will lead you upstairs. Wipe out the guards inside the room and then retrieve the ledgers by standing on them the same way you retrieve items in Stockpile mode.

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    The Secret Recordings

    Locating the secret recordings Taking one of the recordings Pilot’s next exercise in piecing together how the world around Sunrise fell apart requires you to visit an old museum and recover recordings. It’s a single-player mission and simply requires you to head into the museum and upstairs. Follow the bridge across into the next segment and the recordings are littered mostly throughout the hallways of the museum. You’ll need three to complete the mission.

    The Media Transmissions Of Doom

    The next quest is a rather simple one that sees up to four players attempting to pirate radio transmissions from the outside. It requires moving around the map and trying to pick up the signals from various hotspots. After dying it’s possible to continue the progress from a hotspot you already transmitted from since they reset, making this one of the easier missions in the episode.

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    Engineers And Power Supplies

    Grabbing the fuse box The next mission requires players to head downtown and to the dilapidated power station, where players must protect the power supply and the builders as they keep out attacking thugs and ruthless gang members. This mission can be easy or hard depending on how many other players are there to help. Up to four players can pile into a match to cooperatively help an engineer to the building site where several Sunrise City guards are holed up, defending an area from rampant gangsters. Eventually the power goes out and you’ll need to head down to the fuse room to find out the problem. There are three fuses required to repair the power and they’re littered throughout the stage, just look for the question marks on the map. Most up are up top so there’s no real need to search in the basements.

    Bring the fuses to the engineer so he can repair the power station and the workers can get back to work. You’ll need to hold off a few more waves of bad guys until the round ends, which shouldn’t be too hard so long as you have some help.

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    The Thief With The Prize Money

    Hunting a thief The next mission in the Episode 1 saga includes a rather testy quest that sees players having to stop a thief and then recover prize money. This mission is very difficult because the thief runs around with an entourage of deadly bodyguards. Now, the way it’s setup only one player can kill the thief at a time, but any player can shoot him. This means that players have to take turns killing the thief and retrieving the prize money. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.

    The best tactic is to simply follow his icon on-screen and stick to the areas where he runs, this way you can use a close-range weapon to take him down and retrieve the money. It’s best to wait for him get on the makeshift bridge and then shoot him as he begins to cross.

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    Spying And Prying

    Spying on the gang leaders Impersonating Sting The final mission in the first episode of Bleedout consists of some stealthy spy and pry tactics. Gang leaders are conspiring against the treaty that keeps things peaceful in sunrise. Pilot wants you to spy on their secret meeting and bring back the recording. This mission seems like it comes right out of Splinter Cell, as players will have to venture back into the museum using only a silenced pistol. The tactic is to sneak around the guards without setting off any alarms. You’ll need to head upstairs and neutralize the guards before they can call in for backup. You’ll need to be extra careful because if the guards call for backup the meeting will be moved and you’ll have to wait a while before you can spy on the meeting again. Once you get within range aim the pistol at the gang leaders to record the conversion, just remember to stay out of sight from the patrolling guards and you should be all right.

    Once you’ve finished the mission head back to Midtown to turn in the quest and then talk to Pilot, he’ll give you some advice before letting you know that you’re ready to head into Bleedout Episode 2. For more MMO guides or to find more action titles be sure to check out the Bright Hub MMO Action Game Directory.