Splinter Cell Conviction Gameloft Release for iPhone

Splinter Cell Conviction Gameloft Release for iPhone
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Splinter-cell Conviction

In this mobile phenomenon, you will be taking over the life of Sam Fisher and becoming a very dangerous man who will kill anyone who gets in the way of him finding his daughter. You will be travelling from location to location and eliminating all human obstacles with shoot outs or quiet stealthy action.

The iPhone version of the game is very similar to the one that was developed for the console. Therefore, you can decide if you want to make your way through in stealth mode or loudly cut down anything in your path with your piece. Both choices produce good results, it really comes down to your preference and if you have none, you can start the game one way and then try the other if you think that you would do a better job with the other method. Most people choose to “shoot em up” and go in with “gunz a blazing”.

In Game Features (5 out of 5)

Splinter Cell Conviction IPA

Splinter Cell one and one

Although you are playing this game on your Apple iPhone, do not think that the new abilities that are now available in the console version have not been imported to the iPhone. You will still be able to Mark and Execute on your mobile, where you can tag your enemies and take them out quickly. But try not to do it if it is not necessary, because the use of this feature is limited along with the feature that shows you where your enemy plans to search, so that you can plan your next move around that. Try not to rely too much on your tag and kill move, because an enemy will, from time to time move off screen which will lose that tag and it feels like a waste.

Levels and Game Play (4 out of 5)

Splinter Cell Shooting

Splinter Cell shooting at Chopper

The game features 11 levels that are fully integrated to allow you to utilize your action adventure moves such as; hang on the edge of ledges, slide down zip lines, take cover and shoot and make use of the “James Bond” gadgets that you have. A great feature in this game is that you get to choose your weapons before you start each level. The fact is that you wouldn’t want to be in stealth mode with a very loud firing machine gun, so you may decide to go with a silencer enabled pistol for example. Some levels are during the day and others are during the night, so most players tend to go in blazing during the day and resort to stealth mode during the night levels. You can actually tell your level of stealth by an indication in the shape of an eye on your screen.

You do not have to worry about monotony, as the game provides varying mission objectives and you will find that you will eventually need to make your way to the White House. The Splinter Cell Conviction Mobile phone version also includes a boat level that is only found on the iPhone game.

Issues and Overall rating (4 out of 5)


The missions are great and the action is compelling, the only issue with the levels and the missions is that you do not really have alternative approaches. The way in is usually the only way and there are no alternatives to enter from another door, or the roof or the back or anything like that.

Some people have complained that they are not able to shoot out all the lights and it is not as if they are different lights from the ones that can actually be shot out; they all look the same. Additionally, when it comes to playing any action, adventure game on the iPhone, you will definitely have to take the time out to get used to the controls, so that is a given. Overall, this is a great game that even die hard console gamers will love to play on their mobile. The Splinter Cell Conviction Mobile Game can be bought for $6.99