Genesis A.D. Assault Class Guide

Genesis A.D. Assault Class Guide
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As some of you may know by now, in ijji’s free-to-play, futuristic shooter, Genesis A.D., there are several playable classes in the game that each have their own skill sets, armor types and weapons. Playing as the different classes in Genesis A.D. can require a bit of a play-style adjustment depending on the kind of game you’re used to playing. While it might seem easy to pick up the controller and start shooting in a game like Genesis A.D., it’s not quite like Combat Arms or Soldier Front. There is an actual learning curve associated with the character classes and combat. This Genesis A.D. Assault class guide will layout the weapons and armor types associated with playing as the Assault class in the game.

Assault Class Type And Role

Taking down a few pesky NPC mobs

The purpose of the Assault class in Genesis A.D. is to offer up a distinctive intrusion role for getting into the thick of a battle and laying waste to anyone in the path of destruction. The Assault class uses heavy weaponry and has access to backpacks that either extend the supply line for ammo reserves or allows for using a booster pack to get out of a tight situation.

Players who utilize the skills of an Assault trooper effectively will be handsomely rewarded with a character who can take a licking and keep on ticking, while at the same time being able to output massive damage with either heavy assault rifles or distinctly powerful shotguns. This class type is very similar to the Assault class from other ijji Games titles such as Karma: Operation Barbarossa and their flashy, high-end shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms.

Assault Weapon Types

Assault weapons

KV20: The starter gun for the Assault class. This weapon is surprisingly accurate and with an added scope it’s easy to pick off opponents at long range with a few well placed shots. This weapon is a must-keep for beginner players and works well from the starter channel and the beginner channel.

ENX2: The starter pistol. This thing is practically useless but necessary if you run out of ammo in your main gun.

ENX LL: An upgraded version of the starter pistol. This weapon packs a bigger punch with a little more speed than the ENX2. A much better alternative to the default pistol.

Blackfoot MK3: The next step up from the KV20. This is a good weapon to have on hand as it does more damage than the KV20 with a very similar rate of fire.

Grenade launcher attachment

Ocelot 5-7K: A highly accurate, fast-firing machine gun that sacrifices damage for precision.

EVO SGV-21: Shotgun fans will have a field day with this gun, it offers two powerful shots that are instant-killers at close range. The short clip size and range means that it’s more of a weapon designed for expert close-combat users.

Assault Weapon Types - Part 2

Assault rifle in action

Predator RAS-8: A more newb-friendly shotgun with a larger clip size and slightly better accuracy at a distance. The downside is that it doesn’t pack as much power to its punch as the EVO SGV-21.

Wildcat VX-10: A very reliable weapon with a high rate of fire, a fair amount of accuracy and decent damage output. The only downside is that the gun suffers from massive recoil which means short burst shots are a must.

Serval KV-MS1: Equally as accurate and slightly less fast than the Wildcat VX-10, the Serval KV-MS1 offers up slightly less recoil making it an effective alternative.

Quantum Railgun: This is the special Assault class weapon. It focuses entirely on shooting moderate electro static burst shots that can rip through opponents. This powerful weapon comes at a hefty rental price, making it ideal for those who are budget-savvy enough to afford it.

Armor Head Types

Assault class helmets

Heavy Gear: Just as the name suggests, this is a heavy helmet that sacrifices a lot of mobility for armor.

Beetle Gear: Equally as defensive as the Heavy gear, the Beetle gear’s purpose is to offer moderate defensive abilities at the expense of some mobility.

Extra Gear: Much lighter than both the Heavy and Beetle gear, the Extra gear offers additional mobility at half the defensive properties of the other two helmets.

Plasma Gear: This is a balanced headset that offers players more defensive properties than the Extra gear but more mobility than the Heavy or Beetle gear. An all-around decent helmet.

Bodysuit Types

Assault trooper armor

Extra Suit: A moderate suit of adequate mobility. No invisibility function and slow SP recharge. This is a decent suit that offers average defense and speed.

Heavy Suit: Slow in movement and crouching, the Heavy suit is all about being a tank. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in repelling bullets.

PL Blitz Suit: This has less defensive properties than the Heavy Suit, but it’s designed as the Assault trooper’s infiltration suit. It has very high crouching/walking speeds, making it perfect for sneak attacks and getting inside of an enemy base.

Graphite Suit: This is a faster, more mobile version of the PL Blitz suit. It sacrifices additional defense for fast stamina recharge rates and running and crouching speeds.

Plasma Suit: Extremely fast stamina recharge means this suit is perfect for running, jumping and boosting around a map. It’s lack of invisibility or high defenses makes it an unlikely pick for players who plan on tanking a lot of hits.

Backpack Mods

Assault backpack mods

Torch Backpack: As of the writing of this guide, this is the only available backpack from the store that allows players to use boost functionality as an Assault trooper. It has a faster recharge than the default booster pack and has a total of 350 energy points.

Extra Backpack: This is just a basic supply pack that contains additional energy points and light-weight functionality.

Solid Backpack: This is a high EP backpack that weighs more than the Extra backpack but contains additional energy output.

SP Backpack: This has the highest EP available in the backpacks from the store, containing plenty of slots for additional equipment and energy consumption. Of course, the tradeoff is that it’s a very heavy pack.

Plasma Backpack: Lightweight and efficient, the Plasma backpack is perfect for those who wish to play as a stealthy and intrusive assault class without a lot of heavy baggage or weight.

That wraps up this basic Assault class guide for Genesis A.D. You can check out more guides for the popular MMOFPS games here at Bright Hub or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game. Looking for more shooter games to play? Check out the expansive Bright Hub MMO Action Game DIrectory.