Perfect Dark for Xbox Arcade - Achievement Guide

Perfect Dark for Xbox Arcade - Achievement Guide
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Perfect Dark for Xbox Arcade features 20 achievements that add up to a total of 200 Gamerscore. Some come from the solo game, others come from the multiplayer experience, and a third group can be earned both ways. In addition, there are two avatar awards, two gamer icons and a dashboard theme that can be unlocked. Some are trivial to earn, while others require skill, patience, and a lot of free time.

Single Player Achievements in Perfect Dark for Xbox Arcade

How’s That for Starters? (10) – Simply complete the game’s first level on any difficulty.

Agent (10) – Beat the solo campaign on Agent difficulty, which is a cakewalk.

Special Agent (15) – Beat the solo campaign on Special Agent. This is tougher, but nothing too overwhelming.

Perfect Agent (20) – Beat the solo campaign on Perfect Agent. Enjoy the deadly enemies and lack of checkpoints!

Act Your Age, Joanna (5) – You’ll need to destroy every wine bottle at the end of the Villa level for this one. It has to be done solo, and you can’t use cheats so don’t bother bringing along a rocket launcher to make things less tedious. Ammo shouldn’t be a problem, but if for some reason you’re short keep in mind that most of the bottles can be punched.

Camera Shy (10) – Destroy five security cameras. They have to be unique; you can’t take down the same camera five times. Easily done if you play through the game on a higher difficulty level, where you’ll encounter many more cameras than on Agent.

Paci-Fist (10) – Finish any level on Special Agent or higher with only your fists. The easiest way to do this, by far, is on the The Duel, which is a bonus level unlocked by getting at least a bronze medal with every weapon in the firing range. Just disarm your two opponents and then punch them out, even if it takes you a few tries it’s still much quicker than playing through any other mission.

Tools of the Trade (10) – Speaking of which, getting a bronze on the firing range with every weapon also unlocks this achievement. Don’t forget about the gold magnum, which can only be unlocked by disarming Trent Easton on the Crash Site level.

Multiplayer Achievements

Golden Days (10) – In a nod to Goldeneye you’ll need to play a multiplayer match on either the Facility, Complex or Temple maps using a classic weapon set. The maps and weapons are unlocked from the start, so all you have to do is set the game up.

Versatile (10) – Multiplayer features six different game modes, and you’ll need to complete one match of each type to earn this achievement.

Prime Target (10) – Complete every multiplayer challenge up to and including number 29. Some of these are pretty tough but there aren’t any real tricks to them so just keep trying. This can be done with friends as well, which can ease the difficulty of the later challenges.


A Friend Indeed (10) – Complete any mission in co-op mode. Note that a mission is not the same thing as a level, as some missions involve up to three levels. If you’re only interested in the achievement then play one of the one level missions like Villa.

…Who Needs Enemies (10) – Complete any mission in counter-op mode. Same terms as above apply.

Mixed Achievements

Both Barrels (5) – Kill an enemy when dual wielding. This should come naturally as you play through the game, you’ll get several chances to duel wield in the campaign and if you miss them then there’s always the combat simulator.

Crowning Glory (5) – Leaderboard Crowns are icons that appear next to your name on the leaderboards for completing odd or difficult tasks. There’s one for each level plus five overall crowns, and when combined they make for the hardest achievement in the game. Explaining each one would require its own guide, although if you want to really challenge yourself there’s an in-game menu that tracks which crowns you’ve unlocked and gives you obscure hints for how to earn them.

Carrington Institute Specialist (10) – Kill an enemy with each of the Carrington Institute weapons. This should come as you play through the campaign, but you can also pop into multiplayer if you missed any of the guns.


DataDyne Specialist (10) – Exact same as above, except with the DataDyne weapons.

Maian Specialist (10) – As above, except with the small number of Maian weapons.

Deadly Laptop (10) – Kill 50 enemies with the Laptop Gun’s secondary mode. Again, cheats won’t work, so don’t bother bringing a laptop gun to every level. Either just keep playing one of the maps that features the laptop gun over and over again, or wait until this one comes in multiplayer. If you’re really impatient, play against eight MeatSims and use nothing but laptop guns in the weapon settings.

Double 64 (10) – Kill 128 enemies with the secondary function of weapons. This will unlock sooner or later, but if you want to speed things up the CMP150’s secondary mode is your best bet.

360 Awards and other Perfect Dark Xbox Live Arcade Achievements

The first award you’re likely to earn is a Perfect Dark t-shirt for your avatar, which you’ll unlock by getting a headshot on any enemy. The other avatar award, an Elvis doll, is earned by completing any of the four bonus single player levels. You’ll unlock one level for each tier of difficulty you complete the main campaign on, and as mentioned earlier another one is unlocked by getting all bronze medals in the firing range. Do that or beat the game on whichever difficulty you like, then complete the new mission and you’ll get your reward.

The two gamer pictures require a little more work. One, the Joanna Dark picture, comes from earning all four medals in the combat simulator (for accuracy, headshots, kills, and fewest deaths) in a single match. If you spend lots of time in the combat simulator you’ll probably earn this one from a well played game sooner or later, but if you’re in a hurry just start a match to a single point against a guest and kill him with a headshot to get the job done.


The second gamer picture, of Elvis, requires a serious commitment. You need to get to 201% completion on the leaderboard, which requires you to do all of the following: complete the solo game on all three difficulty levels, complete co-op and counter-op on Perfect Agent, unlock all the cheats (a few of the tough ones can be unlocked with a Perfect Dark Zero save file), complete all the multiplayer challenges, get all gold stars in the firing range and complete all the training missions, and unlock all of the achievements. Basically, you need to completely master the game. Good luck!

Finally, a dashboard theme can be earned by getting a kill with every weapon in the game, in any mode. There’s no way to keep track of which ones you’ve done, but if you play the game enough you should get them all eventually. Remember that some weapons, like the crossbow, are only lethal in their secondary mode.