Tips on Setting up Xbox Live: The Basics

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Setting up Xbox Live for your Xbox 360 is about the best thing you can do for your system. Consider that you’ll then have access to all the great content such as downloadable games and DLC that others have been enjoying for the past 3-4 years and the $60 a year fee seems paltry in comparison.

If you’re ready to hook up your system to the internet, just follow these easy steps:

Materials List

An Xbox 360

An Ethernet cable or a Wireless Adapter (for your internet connection)

A Router

A PC (to configure the router in the event that things don’t go right)

A Credit Card to Pay for the Subscription Fees associated with Live’s Gold Service

How to Hook up Your 360 to Live

  1. Ensure that the 360’s initial setup has been performed, also make sure that the router I mentioned above is connected to your internet connection and working perfectly.

  2. Next, run either an Ethernet cable up to your router or connect the wireless adapter to the system via USB.

  3. After that, we’re going to run a network check

  4. Go to your System Settings under the “Games” tab of the system and go to network settings

  1. If you’re working under a wired connection, just go ahead and select “Test Network”

  2. If you’re working under a wireless connection, go to wireless settings and check that your network is the one being used by the wireless adapter.

  3. Once you have the Xbox 360 seeing your network and confirming the connection through the internet connection test, it’s time to sign up for Xbox Live.

  4. Go back out to the Games Tab and over to your account

  5. Select “Sign Up For Xbox Live” to start the process

  1. If your internet connection is working, the Xbox will take you through a series of prompts asking you to enter your username (Pick a good one! Changing it costs money) and your credit card information.

  2. Once you’ve paid your subscription fee, your Xbox 360 will be on Xbox Live for a year before you need to pay for the subscription to Live once again.

  3. Head back out to the “Marketplace” tab and start browsing games!

Now that you’re hooked up to Xbox Live, my next suggestion to you would be the buy the greatest game the online service has ever produced: Shadow Complex. Its mix of the Metroid-vania formula is so refreshingly new that even old-school gamers have been flocking to the Xbox to try out this game. Or, you could just boot up your copy of Halo 3 and start getting up-to-speed for when ODST hits shelves this September. Or better yet, boot up and appreciate the new adventures of Tim Shafer in Brutal Legend’s new demo.