Battleswarm MMOFPS/RTS Beginner Guide For Humans

Battleswarm MMOFPS/RTS Beginner Guide For Humans
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Field Guide For Beginners

The first ever online-based RTS versus FPS game comes in the form of Game World and Reality Gap’s Battleswarm: Field of Honor. Now, a lot of people who have played Reality Gap’s RTS vs FPS MMO have complained about the game’s balance. However, in reality, the balance of the game all falls back on player skill: are you good enough to down juggernauts quickly? Are you an able-bodied bug commander to direct troops to the right areas with the right skills? Executing the right moves at the right time is essential for claiming victory in Battleswarm and this guide can help prioritize your efforts as a human to walk away from a few matches with a few wins.

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting familiar with the splatter factor

A lot of shooting fans jump to the conclusion that once they boot up Battleswarm they’ll be knocking down headshots like knocking on a neighbor’s door. However, it’s not that easy because each weapon has its own stats and functionality on the battlefield. So before heading to the shop to buy your favorite type of gun you should stick with what you have, which is the assault rifle, and build affability with it for a few rounds.

The assault rifle is the standard starting weapon and something players need to get adjusted to. Be sure to get in some practice time with the assault rifle by completing the tutorial. Afterward, be sure to head into the newbie channel.

First thing is first: You might want to check out the assignments and perform the basic missions. The upside to most of the starting mission assignments is that they can be completed in the practice rooms. Cool, eh? This means that you can earn some cash and experience points without the hassle of actually competing for them.

Weapons For A Space Marine Pt. 1

If a gun looks deadly, chances are it is.

Remember how specific guns serve specific purposes? Well, here’s where you learn what they’re good for.

Assault rifle: All around good gun. It’s average for long-range shots, average for taking down big bugs and average for downing hordes of bugs.

Shotgun: This is the second default weapon in the game that players earn after completing a few missions. Shotguns have poor range but are good for taking down larger bugs like the juggernaut with a few well placed shots.

Minigun: Perfect for mobs of bugs and has a decent range. The minigun is expensive but can help skilled and non-skilled marines down countless bugs. The drawback is that the minigun forces players to move really slowly and it’s inconvenient for getting out of a tough jam.

Sniper rifles: If you like landing headshots, here’s a category that will suit your style well. There are a variety of rifles for snipers that range from automatic sniper rifles for quick shooters, to laser rifles for precision-based shooters who like blasting bugs with as few shots as possible. While the range is unquestionable for rifles, the firing rate inhibits it from being of any use outside of taking on bosses or killing a bug leader.

Weapons For A Space Marine Pt. 2

Nothing beats the smell of roasted bugs in the morning

Flame throwers: The flame thrower is a great weapon for roasting all kinds of annoying bugs, such as the stinger (the flying bee-like bug) or the mortars (the projectile shooting bugs). The short range on flame throwers makes them inconvenient for dangerous bugs that you need to take down at a distance.

Plasma rifle: It looks good when holding it but it’s really only convenient if you have it upgraded with several high-powered chips. The plasma rifle’s short range and limited mobility make it a gun for experts and firing the shots off one at a time makes it extremely difficult to use for new players.

Toxic launchers: Toxic based weapons are excellent for players who wield an assault rifle or a minigun as a secondary weapon. The toxic launcher enables marines to shoot one bug and affect all the surrounding bugs within a set radius of the blast. Toxic weapons slowly degenerate the health of a bug, making it easier for players to finish off their targets. The downside is that only skilled players can use a toxic launcher for long range attacks, and the slow firing rate means that it must be used with precision timing.

Grenades/Mines: Keep grenades equipped at all times. It’s essential to equip one or more grenades to help disperse enemies on the fly. Mines are also very helpful to safeguard an area without having to be in the area. Fire grenades are good for clearing out an area while dealing fire damage to the bugs. Vacuum grenades are only useful when a bug commander uses a dust storm to blind marines, and stun grenades will immobilize all bugs save for a commander.

Leave Rambo At The Movies

This is what happens to Rambo-wannabes in Battleswarm

The biggest mistake anyone can make when entering a game of Battleswarm is thinking that just because their character has some cool armor, a big gun and the ability to roll, zoom in, and down a soldier bug in a few well placed shots, that they can go around like Rambo. This is wrong and it will get you killed very fast.

Veteran players on the human side will quickly tell a newbie at the start of a match to ‘not do any Rambo stuff’. Why? It will get the entire team killed. One dead player can cost the entire human side to lose the match. Seriously. Every player on the human side has to be an army of one and yet work as a team from start to finish. There are thousands of bugs that can swamp players and it’s essential to keep on guard and pay attention to the surroundings of teammates to emerge victorious. Running out in the open like Rambo or a player from Gunz: The Duel, and blasting down bugs usually results in being surrounded, killed and embarrassed.

Modes For Beginners

Stick to winning solutions…there are always opportunities for losing later

The best modes for humans to start off with is Courage from the practice rooms, which is a PvE scenario that allow players to earn some special prizes and familiarize themselves with explosives and some run-and-gun target practice.

In the active campaign rooms it’s essential to stay away from Hive Core or Ambush for starting maps. Those maps require a lot of teamwork and heavy cooperative efforts from all players for humans to snatch a win against the MMORTS bug commanders. Arena is another map to avoid and is designed primarily for gamers who already have twitchy-finger headshot skills. For the most part, Arena is basically a standard deathmatch room for the same race.

The best maps for beginners include Training Camp, Patrol, Oasis, and Stand Off, when playing as a human. Training Camp and Patrol are really easy and great for earning victories early on against unskilled bug commanders.

That pretty much wraps up the essentials for beginners of Battleswarm. If you still need anymore info you can always learn a few strategies over at the forums on the Official Battleswarm: Field of Honor Website.

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