Space Invasion MMO Game Reviews - Start Strategic Warfare

Space Invasion MMO Game Reviews - Start Strategic Warfare
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Command Your Own Galactic Empire

Board your imperial starbase and prepare for an entertaining online war game in Space Invasion. This unique science fiction themed MMORTS takes player deep into the outer depths of space. Build your own galactic empire and battle other MMO players for reign of the galaxy. Colonize planets, build up your fleets, and wage war in this strategy game. Help stop intergalactic espionage by staying two steps ahead of your enemies. Set up research centers, send spy drones, and intercept planets. Plan out your best method of defense in this war torn universe. An enormous virtual world filled with bright stars and mysterious planets await.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

When you start out in Space Invasion the gameplay is extremely slow. Unlike other free MMO games which rely on users to purchase currency packages to speed up building phases this MMORTS is free. Valuable resources which are required to progress into the more interesting areas of the game are accumulated in the Building section. Players must construct their own mining and storage warehouses that will produce pig iron, metal, kryptonite, spices, and fuel energy. These resources aid in building your battle fleets and space craft to explore.

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Strategy plays a major role in all aspects of gameplay. Once you’ve set up the necessary facilities you can attack other alien fleets. Set off in your space craft on a mission to eliminate any rival alien ships. Predetermine when enemies will fire and avoid possible attacks against you. Sneak up on enemies and blast away. Collect items from defeated ships for bonus points.

The MMO community in Space Invasion is massive. The large community adds to the overall gameplay since it’s basically an online war game using strategy elements. The vast game world gives players a fun virtual playground to conquer and destroy. Send other players messages through the chat system, join alliances, or wage an attack its completely up to you. Despite the slow as molasses beginning set-up for new players Space Invasion has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. If you can tolerate the resource accumulation wait this MMORTS is loads of fun.

Graphics & Sound (4 out of 5)

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Overall the graphics in this game are great. All of the small details like distant stars and glowing planets add nice touches to the intergalactic theme. A background drop of deep space transport players into the center of the galaxy. Battleships, weapons, mining, busy manufacturin facilities, and warehouses complete your colonies bringing a more authentic look. For the Rank List section players are allowed to add their own personal avatar. This image will help identify you in the top ranking players list. Your avatar appears next to your user name and earned points. Although, the sound is somewhat limited in this strategy game players will not miss it. The quiet makes it easier to multi-task. This comes in handy during the beginning stages of construction when concentration is required.

Become Fleet Admiral

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In Space Invasion players can work their way up the ranks to a powerful Fleet Admiral.The main objective is to build a prosperous space empire. In order to conquer a planet you must set up colonies there. Dispatch one of your colony ships to an empty planet. All planets are color coded to verify inhabitants. Only empty planets can be colonized in Space Invasion. Once you’ve colonized a planet it is vulnerable for attack. To level up and progress in the game players have to strategize effective methods of defense. Guard your space cruisers against attack while building up your fleets. War is inevitable in this virtual universe. To truly rule and become emperor of the galaxy hostile action must take place.

Space Invasion - Overall Rating (4 out of 5)

SpaceInvasion - MMORTS

Space Invasion is a solid MMORTS game. Although, the building process is extremely slow the game is completely free. After you’ve built your imperial starbase and fleets the universe is yours to explore. The battles use a method of strategic warfare that challenges even the advanced gamer. This is a genuine sci-fi strategy game. Conquer up to nine other planets and build successful colonies there. Scan enemey planets with spy drones to plan the perfect attack. Mines continually perform producing valuable resources to aid your intergalctic adventure. Any fans of space themed games like Astro Empires or Space Invaders will enjoy this game.