Wet Video Game Review for Xbox 360 Console - Is It Really Enough To Keep You Playing For Hours?

Wet Video Game Review for Xbox 360 Console - Is It Really Enough To Keep You Playing For Hours?
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Wet: Raising the Oomph Bar (4 out of 5)

Besides the Oomph factor, female protagonists have much to offer in an action game, be it intelligence, courage or acrobatic stunts. Rubi Malone is the perfect example of a brave, sexy and swift female video game character. Being the lead character in Wet, she does all dangerous Lara Croftian-style stunts with her samurai sword and twin pistols. Her stylish acrobatics combined with daring swordplay and shooting are some of the best eye candy offered by Wet video game. But, does it offer some good play value?

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Talk about action video games and Wet fits the bill, or rather ‘Kill Bill’. The cut-scenes, noir styled visuals and fast-paced gun play shown in slo mo reminds us of any Tarantino or John Woo styled action flick. Wet video game is replete with acrobatic stunts and bloody gun shows. The lead character of the game, Rubi, is responsible for all the athletic stuff and bloody showdowns. Her dual pistols do major damage, especially when she does something acrobatic. Yes, when you make her jump through cars or walls, the game automatically switches to slow motion mode, giving you plenty of time to take down multiple enemies. The Slo-Mo shooter mode lets you aim and kill foes easily with your off-hand pistol, while the first pistol takes down enemies automatically.

Besides gun play, you will love Rubi’s car hopping and wall jumping stunts. You can leap, swing and slide the way you wish, thanks to the favorable environment. It offers every possible way to recognize Rubi’s acrobatic skills. However, a slight misstep can spell instant death. This is quite possible if you jump to higher ledges or cliff. One successful jump does not mean every jump’s going to be simple.

For those who get bored with the acrobatic stuff will love the unlimited action in arena modes. These modes pop up in every level, spawning innumerable enemies to challenge your gun fighting skills. You can also take advantage of objects scattered and do some great stunts along with gun play. The more enemies you kill in arenas, the more skill points you earn. Each level provides an opportunity to gain skill points for every enemy killed. You also earn multipliers through successive kills. The multipliers boost your skill points. Killing enemies with max multipliers are a key part in earning Wet achievements.

There are many other unique aspects besides platforming and combat, especially when Rubi’s anger meter reaches the highest level. The screen gets drenched in blood red color and the sexy Rubi Malone kills everyone that comes her way. This rampage session provides a refreshing look and feel in Wet video game. The arsenal of weapons is not just limited to dual pistols and swords. There are many opportunities to upgrade your weapons. You will get access to different weapons including shotguns, crossbow and upgraded pistols. Each upgrade increases your firing ability and transports you to Rubi’s junkyard for a bit of practice stuff. The practice session lets you familiarize with the gun’s new ability and fire power.

Wet video game is for players who prefer Hollywood style acrobatics to kill enemies. The game prefers action to story, so there’s no guess works, just plain action. There’s no replayability except replaying the levels to acquire achievement points. All in All, Wet is an entertaining and rewarding action title.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

With those crazy stunts and gun fights, Wet will remind you of any Hollywood action movie. The visuals are pretty good, especially the slo-mo sequences and black, white &red Rage mode. Watching Rubi dive, jump and engage in intense gun play is complete eye-candy for gamers. The lead character and boss models look excellent during gameplay as well as in cut-scenes. The rest NPCs and enemy models are average. Seems like the developers paid much attention to Rubi and her antagonist’s models. The visual effects look very cinematic and have that retro appeal.

Wet Video Game Screenshots

Sound (4 out of 5)

The 70s inspired rock music complements exceptionally well with the retro movie look of Wet video game. It makes each level too entertaining and amazing. The star studded voice cast features the likes of Eliza Dushku, who lends her voice for Rubi Malone and Malcolm McDowell, who does the voice acting for Wet’s main antagonist Mr. Ackers. Besides good voice-acting, the gun sounds and other sound effects does provide some ear candy.

Overall (4 out of 5)

Wet is incredibly bloody, entertaining and downright adult. You will love to watch Rubi flaunt her style and beauty with her acrobatic and gun fighting skills. The game is a nice balance between platforming and combat. There’s a lot of swiftness involved. With sexy Rubi taking on the bad guys singlehandedly, Wet video game offers loads of entertaining and exciting stuff.

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