Top 3 Female Video Game Characters (PC)

Top 3 Female Video Game Characters (PC)
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Top Female Video Game Characters

What do Duke Nukeman, Prince of Persia, Hitman and Master Chief have in common? Well, these men have featured in games where their role has been deemed quite important. In fact, every game has a male protagonist defeating the bad guys while the opposite sex gets kidnapped or just plays safe. However, a few good women have changed the male-dominated gaming world with their expertise, combat strategy and beauty carving a niche of their own. While there are only few games featuring female video game characters in the main lead, in future every video game will have sexy and gorgeous ladies doing their own stuff!

Best Female Video Game Characters in the Lead Role: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series)

Think about female video game lead characters and only one name pops up in your mind. Yes, it’s Lara Croft who has the spirit of an adventurous archeologist with a dash of gymnastic ability, a sprinkle of advanced weapons and looks and figures that would even make a top model envious. Lara’s one-on-one fight with with dangerous enemies and her daring adventures truly make her one of the lead female video game characters. She is the prime example of a daring heroine with brains and brawns!!

Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever Series)

No One Lives Forever Boxshot: Cate Archer , one of the most popular female video game characters

If you think top secret missions, gadgets, cars, weapons and ammo are only associated with Hitman or a James Bond, you are wrong!! The No One Lives Forever series has a female secret agent handling the dirty job of hitting out baddies. Yes, it is Cate Archer, working for an anti-terrorist agency called U.N.I.T.Y and wielding a variety of weapons ranging from ancient crossbows to hand guns and even snipers. Gamers are wooing her return as she was last seen in 2002.

April Ryan (The longest Journey series)

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Boxshot April Ryan

April Ryan, star of the Longest Journey series, is considered the greatest female video game adventurer of all times. This series is as popular as Myst. When April discovers her ability to travel to other dimensions–Arcadi and Stark–her world turns upside down. Using her brains and clever strategy she tries to unlock the mystery and sets matters right. April Ryan is one of the most controversial and memorable female video game characters. Her death in Longest Journey: Dreamfall also raised some questions. Gamers did not believe that she died and trying to prove her existence.