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Delta Force Xtreme 2 Review

by: Anurag Ghosh ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Delta Force Xtreme 2 is another feather on Novalogic’s cap in terms of poor gameplay and bad graphics. If compared with its predecessors, DFX 2 is a disappointment. The first Delta Force PC game is much better than this latest Novalogic release.

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    DFX2 Review

    DFX 2 Boxshot In almost every Delta Force PC game, players have gone through intense missions ranging from infiltrating terrorist camps, escorting embassy cars, and destroying enemy buildings and vehicles using satchel charges. These initial games were good and had numerous quick missions and campaigns, but later versions failed to offer the same play value. Delta Force Xtreme 2 is another game that fails to offer a good show both in terms of gameplay and graphics.

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    Delta Force X2 screenshot 1 One of the best features that have been always cherished by most DF gamers is the open-endedness of every mission. Thankfully, Delta Force Xtreme 2 also has vast open maps. You can plan and then attack enemy bases. However, there are chances of falling prey to enemy snipers, unless you hunt them down first. So you will have to scavenge the entire map to take out hidden enemy units and then go for the kill.

    The key drawback of DFX2 is the lack of an intriguing story and an engaging plot. The single player missions will leave you confused. The narrative weakens its grip as you progress through a campaign mission. You will get some idea about the entire plot only if you listen to pre-level briefings.

    Delta Force Xtreme 2 has two large single player campaigns that have missions focusing mainly on infiltrating terrorist camps and drug dealers. There are missions that allow you to steal enemy vehicles such as trucks, cars and motorcycles, then ride them. So, there’s some variety added to DFX2. There are a total of 22 weapons to choose from as well as typical DF accessories such as satchel charges and flashbangs. It is always recommended to have a sniper as most levels have enemy snipers lurking behind. You can get them first before they get you.Delta Force X2 screenshot 2 

    The enemy AI is very disappointing in DFX2. You will occasionally find many terrorists failing to react to a particular situation. For example, if you shoot down an enemy soldier, some of his friends will barely notice any danger and carry on their work just like mechanical robots. Your AI controlled friends are equally non-intelligent and are only present for the sake of “decorating” your team. They will rarely use their brains and take the initiative to fire upon a group of enemy soldiers when you are in danger. In all, gameplay is pretty weak and is very similar to the first Delta Force PC game. The fact that developers Novalogic did not even think to try adding some newness to the game is very disappointing.

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    The graphics in Delta Force X2 are comparatively weaker than other military FPS games. The enemy soldiers have similar facial features and actions. The weapons look outdated. When wielding a firearm, you will feel like you are carrying some toy gun as there are no realistic weapon recoils. The vehicles do not function the way you like them to work and look very poor. The building texture looks much unpolished both on the interior and exterior compared to other modern FPS games. The explosions look puny when compared to games like Battlefield 1942 or Brothers in Arms.

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    The sounds are limited to couple of nonsensical tunes and poor voice acting. You can hear enemy soldiers utter the same dialogues when they get hit or when they charge towards you. They generally speak in different languages which seems understandable since you have your targets in different regions. But, don’t try listening too hard as you won’t understand a single word uttered by them. The weapons and explosion sounds are very absurd and share no resemblance to real life counterparts.

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    It’s good to see developers like Novalogic preserving the good old Delta Force values, but it should have tried to enhance Delta Force X2 by adding new features and improving it visually. Sadly, neither the graphics have improved nor the game has something unique to offer. Instead, the repetitive missions will elevate you to higher levels of boredom. Playing this game will only take you back in time when you played those good old school DF games.