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Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell Game Review for Windows PC

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell is the newest installment in the much loved Brothers in Arms series of WWII battlefield simulations, with the same outstanding game play mechanics and presentation that had you spending an unusual amount of time with the first two Brothers in Arms titles.

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    Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell is the third installment in a popular series of first person action video games that has outstanding game play combined with amazing presentation. Following on the heels of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, Brothers in Arms: HIghway to Hell is actually an improvement in game play from the first two titles in the series. The ability of the game to immerse the senses in battle environments that will have you ducking for cover when you see the flash of the enemies barrel or the dirt next to you erupt as bullets strike the ground is still there. The wonderful colors, attention getting sounds, and cinematic effects are everything you have come to expect from the Brothers in Arms series.

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    The good

    Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell has a better interface, with improved squad controls and a first person perspective that still makes you feel like part of a different world at times.

    The vibrant, almost-living environments of Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell look as good as the first two titles and the sounds of the game are even clearer and better designed that the first two titles.

    The action camera works beautifully, adding to the entertainment value of Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell, and adding another layer of variety to an already wonderful series.

    The characters and story have been once again well thought out and the writing is excellent, with information on history and some of the people that took part in Operation Market Garden.

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    The bad

    If you haven't played Brothers in Arms; Road to Hill 30 and Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, you might get a little confused during parts of the story. This is because the story of Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell is based upon events and characters in the previous two titles in this much-loved series of first person action games.

    Other than this, it's real hard to find much wrong.

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    The story

    In Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell you once agan play Sergeant Baker of the 101st Screaming Eagles, an actual American hero from WWII, as you prepare to parachute into Holland as part of the ill-fated Operation Market Garden, an actual battle that occurred in the later stages of the American push into Germany.

    In the opening parts of the game you are introduced to your Brothers in Arms, the men you will be going into battle with, both old and new, and will begin to form emotional attachments with the people whose lives will depend on your ability to lead them in battle.

    Once you parachute into Holland these bonds will help create the emotional clarity of battle and war between soldiers, as you walk hand in hand with both triumph and tragedy as you and your Brothers in Arms fight to free Europe and the world from Nazis tyranny.

    The story is told in a number of chapters, as were the first two games, each created to be challenging, while exploring the emotional side of war.

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    Wow! Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell, like all of the games in the series, looks fantastic, vibrant and life-like at times, with battle scenes and game environments that immerses you in the brutality and perverse beauty of war.

    The action camera works wonderfully, slowing down when you make a good shot or throw a grenade, to show all the gory details of war. The flying arms and legs, scattered blood, bursting skulls, and severed torsos place you in the middle of the horror of war, and have been expertly rendered and colored.

    Great facial features of the characters have improved from previous titles in this series, you can see your brothers sweat and almost feel their emotions as they speak at times.

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    Sounds of the game

    The Brothers in Arms series has always been known for great sound effects, outstanding character voice acting, and a solid soundtrack, and Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell delivers this in spades.

    The sound of machine guns cracking, bazookas exploding, the approach of a tank, and all the background and effects have been created perfectly to totally immerse the senses in battle. They even added effects like the ringing in the ears when an explosion occurs nearby, adding another level of realism because now the battlefield sounds are drowned out.

    Great audio quality, especially with a good sound card, but even without, all the little sounds will still keep the senses tuned to the action.

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    How does the game play

    Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell plays even better than the first two games in the series, the A.I. is a lot more intelligent and provides an outstanding challenge, especially on the higher difficulty levels.

    The series has always been known for its fantastic combination of single player and squad command mechanics and the developers have made an effort to add another layer in this area, making it an absolute necessity for you to work as a team and develop tactics and strategies to deal with a battle-hardened enemy.

    The variety of environments, weapons and vehicles, and the addition of more on line multiplayer options, makes Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell the best game in the series, which is the way it's suppose to be.

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    Want to play the game again

    The addition of Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell to this popular series may make you want to play all three titles again, in sequence, just to get the full entertainment value the developers built into the series.

    Considering all the campaigns and the multiplayer options included with Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell, the entertainment value is excellent when compared to the price.

    Playing the titles again and again, in all the available modes, still has a lot of entertainment value for me, even after hundreds of hours of play tiime.

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    I can't wait to see what the developer of the Brothers in Arms series does next with this fun, entertaining and enjoyable series of first person genre action titles.

    Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell is certainly an improvement over the first two titles in many ways, yet hasn't really evolved enough for me from the first two titles.

    The game still contains the amazing graphics, outstanding sound quality and cutting-edge game play and mechanics we have come to expect from this series, so, maybe I'm a little spoiled after all the fun.

    The growth of the characters from the first title does add entertainment value to the series, but makes it important to play all three games, which can sometimes decrease the entertainment value of the game, if you aren't familiar with the story from the first two games in the series.

    Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell is still one of the best in the genre though, so pick it up and give it a try.

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