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Lost Planet 2 Hints, Tips And Cheats For PC

by: William Usher ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Whether you're having a hard time beating the game or you just want to see what kind of goodies lay in store for you at the end of the game, find everything you need right here at Bright Hub.

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    Lost In A Sea Of Cheats

    2011-06-24 00011 Cheating in games isn’t always about getting ahead. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying the game in a different way or exploring content that would otherwise be off limits if you tried playing the game normally. In the case of Lost Planet 2 there plenty of awesome codes available to turn the game into a completely different experience with a few notable surprises. Find out what’s in store with this Lost Planet 2 cheat codes guide.

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    Gears Of War, Resident Evil And Custom Unlocks

    w0006-00000 bmp jpgcopy If you’re fan of the Epic Games third-person shooter, Gears of War, then you’ll duly enjoy being able to play as your favorite Locust blasting duo, Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago from Gears of War 3. The two will become unlocked if you play through the entire campaign after beating the game on the normal difficulty setting.

    Speaking of guest stars from other games…Capcom’s own Albert Wesker from Resident Evil 5 is also playable in the game after you beat the entire campaign mode, along with Frank West from Dead Rising. A few additional player parts also become available in the custom character menu for you to outfit your character with after beating the game on the normal difficulty setting. Unfortunately you don't get to use any of Wesker's parts for your custom character. Bummer.

    Additionally, gamers will be able to play as their custom LP2 character from the My Page segment after defeating the campaign mode, as well. A new option will appear allowing you to play as your customized character in the campaign mode in the My Page option.

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    Password Unlocks

    The most obvious form of unlocking content in the game is either racking up points by playing the game and scoring some snazzy kills that results in item drop boxes or by heading to the My Page section in the game menu and inserting the following phrase in the password section to unlock the attached item.

    2011-06-24 00012 Password - Code Result

    83561942 --- Frank West from Dead Rising

    72962792 --- Wesker from RE5

    25060016 --- t-shirt

    96725729 --- Den Geki t-shirt

    63152256 --- t-shirt

    31354816 --- Doubledutch t-shirt

    21899787 --- Gemaga t-shirt

    65162980 --- CHEMISTRY t-shirt

    18213092 --- I & P Hamaguti Yutaka t-shirt

    52352345 --- Monthly Game Japan t-shirt

    88020223 --- t-shirt

    73154986 --- Famitsu Weekly t-shirt

    Image16 56428338 --- Procambarus Clarkii t-shirt

    12887439 --- Street Jack t-shirt

    26797358 --- TKO t-shirt

    34297758 --- Weekly Playboy t-shirt

    71556463 --- Yasuda Hiroshi Circus t-shirt

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    New Credit Machine And Bonus Weapons

    lp2 helghast2 After you unlock everything using the 2000 credit slot machine, a brand new machine will be accessible called the 10,000 credit slot machine. Conveniently enough, everything in the 10k machine is a high quality unlock.

    Additional bonus weapons are also available, which can be acquired by leveling up specific factions within the career mode or by earning them from the slot machine.

    Akrid Launcher: Use the Snow Pirate Elites to reach level 50.

    Energy Gun: Use the Femmes Fatales to reach level 70.

    Firecracker: Use the Femme Fatale to reach level 30.

    Flamethrower: Use the Snow Pirate Elites to hit level 50.

    Gun Sword: Use the Rounders to hit level 70.

    2011-06-24 00013 Hand Cannon: Get to level 50 with the Rounders.

    Plasma Cannon: Use NEVEC to get to level 50.

    Plasma Gun: Use NEVEC to get to level 30.

    Shotgun: Use Femme Fatale to hit level 50.

    Shuriken: Use the Rounders to hit level 30.

    V-Device: Use NEVEC to hit level 70.

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    Enemy AI Mode And Special Weapons

    2011-06-24 00014 Defeat all the training simulators with good times and receive top medals to unlock a brand new enemy AI mode within the training simulator. It’s a good way to hone your skills without having to do the campaign mode.

    Some VS machines have special weapons attached to them, some use independent ammo while other energy-based weapons will drain your thermal energy meter in order to be used. You can attach or remove most VS weapons by simply holding down the ‘Y’ button or the weapon switch button to pick or attach specific VS weapons. These weapons can be very useful during boss battles or facing off against a horde of enemy combatants.

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    Hints And Tips For Fighting Bosses

    2011-06-25 00001 Each boss has a weak point that’s highlighted by glowing orange or yellow body parts. By shooting these points you can weaken the boss greatly. Alternatively, there are “core” points to each boss that damage them even further. Shooting off appendages or certain soft spots on the body can do some damage but hitting the critical parts of the boss will usually render them with a great loss of life. Using VS weapons on bosses (when available) can work wonders for killing them quickly. While blowing off arms, legs or tentacles can slow them down, the core or vital area (usually located on the head or the back) will kill them the fastest.

    For the very final boss in the game all you have to do is shoot one of the three main “heads” until the tip crusts over and falls slowly to the ground. When one of the heads reaches the ground quickly run over to it and press ‘B’ to place the beacon onto it in order to get the satellite to blast it to pieces.

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