Gaming Lingo: Runescape Talk

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Runescape has a nice combination of basic internet lingo terms (Noob for a new player) and some that are special to Runescape (ess for Rune essence). These are some of the special terms for different items in the game of Runescape. Get to know your Runescape gaming lingo.

Runescape Terms: Weapons and Armor

This has the shorthand version of the things used in place of things that are weapons and armor in the game.

  • 2h – This is for two handed. Describes some weapons like: 2h sword.
  • (t) and (g) – This means trimmed, or gold trimmed depending on which one is used.
  • DDP – This is shorthand for Dragon dagger poisoned.
  • Legs – Used for Leg Plate Mail armor type.
  • Large – Typically used to describe a full helmet (or also known as Helm too)
  • R – Shorthand used in place of “rune”.
  • Long – Used instead of Long sword.
  • Ammy – Used in Runescape chat for the term Amulet.
  • Chain – Shorthand used for Chain Mail.
  • (p) – this is used to signify “poisoned”. Also seen as (p+) and (p++) depending on level.

Runescape Terms: Items in Game

This has the shorthand version of the things used in place of things that are items in the game of Runescape.

  • DOR – This is used for “Disk of Returning” as a shorthand form.
  • Ess – This means rune essence.
  • Gp – This is the currency, it means gold coins.
  • Bloods – This means “Blood Runes”.
  • Fires – Term to mean Fire Runes.
  • Earths – Term that means Earth Runes.
  • Law – Seen as meaning Law Runes.
  • Minds – Another way of saying Mind Runes.
  • Nats – These are Nature Runes.
  • Souls – This is for Soul Runes.
  • Waters – This is written for Water Runes.
  • Phat – These are the popular and rare Party Hats.
  • ROW – This is the shorthand for Ring of Wealth.

Runescape Terms: General Lingo

These shorthand items are things that are used in general talking/chatting. They don’t deal with specific categories of items of Runescape play.

  • F2P – This means Free to Play, a non member account holder.
  • P2P – This means Pay to Play, a member account holder.
  • RSC/RS1 – Runescape 1, or Classic Runescape
  • RS, RS2 – Runescape 2, or the current version of Runescape
  • Lag – pauses in the playing of the game due to connection speeds
  • HP – Hit points
  • Owns – This means that something is very good.
  • NFS – Not For Sale, or that it isn’t optioned for trading.
  • Newb, Noob – A new player in the game of Runescape
  • FTW – For the win, usually in a battle.
  • Att – This is the Attack Level.
  • Def – This is the Defense Level.
  • Str – Short for the Strength Level.


As you can see there is plenty of shorthand floating around the games, but it’s typical of any MMO/MMORPG game. Whether you’re a Noob or a seasoned player, it shouldn’t take you long to get the hang of it, especially with a handy guide to the lingo.