Guide to Runescape Achievement Capes (Pt 2)

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Part two of the Guide to Achievement Capes will tell you about the Achievement capes that you will get for the Freeplay skills. These will be the capes and hoods that you can get for the skills that are open and available to those players that are in the freeplay, or non paid version, of the game. These are all the capes available to them with the exception of the Quest Cape described in Part One of this two part series.

Achievement Cape Guide: Freeplay Skills

Attack – When you get to level 99 in Attack, go to the Warriors Guild in Burthorpe. Speak to Ajjat. Your emote will be you punching air and seeing the forcewaves come from it.

Strength – After hitting level 99, you will go to the Warriors Guild in Burthorpe. Speak to Sloane. Your emote for this cape is going to be a heavy barbell falling from the sky for you to lift with ease.

Defense – When you are at 99, go to Lumbridge south of the General store and speak to Harlan. Your emote will look like you are blocking arrows and then boulders with your defense.

Hitpoints – After you are leveled to 99, go to the Dueling arena hospital. Speak to the Surgeon General Tafini. The emote you will get is you being hit with arrows, you turn to your undies, to a skinless one, to a skeleton. You’ll pull them out and raise your hand that you survived.

Ranged – The cape is where you hit 99, and go to the Ranging Guild to speak to the armor seller. The emote is you shooting an arrow up in the air, see it fall in a flame, and smash the ground.

Prayer – After you are able to get this cape go to the Monstery west of Edgeville. Speak to Jerred. The emote you’ll get is where you have wings and hover as a light shines down on you.

Magic – When you reach 99 in this skill, you go to the Magic Guild and speak with the magic robe seller. The emote for this cape is you rotating around while an aura is surrounding you.

Cooking – After reaching the level of 99 you will go to the Cooking Guild and speak to the head cook. The emote is you cooking a meat pie as you fling the ingredients into the air.

Woodcutting – When you have a 99 here go to south of the furnace in Lumbridge. Speak to the woodcutting tutor. Your emote is where you see a birds nest in front of you, you chop at the tree, and you finish as the bird flies to your axe.

Runecrafting – You must get to level 99 then go to the rune store in the east bank of Varrock and speak with Aubury. The emote for this is where you get magical forces and runes surrounding you and then fade into you.

Fishing – After getting 99 fishing skill, you go to the Fishing Guild and talk to the master fisher. Your emote is you spearing a fish and take a picture with it.

Firemaking – After you are able to get this cape you will go south of Seers and talk to Ignatius Vulcan. This cape’s emote is where you will make a ball of fire between your hands.

Crafting – After reaching level 99, you will go to the crafting Guild and speak to the master crafter. Your emote for this cape is where you are holding a hammer and chisel. You then craft a log into a wooden cat.

Smithing – After getting to level 99, you will go south of Port Sarim and speak to Thurgo. Your emote is going to be you hammering a sword, then an axe, and then a long sword.

Mining – You need to get to level 99 and then go to the mining guild. Speak to one of the ladder guards. Your emote is that of a rock that you swing a pickaxe to, exploding it.


These achievement capes really show you off, with just a glance toward you, how dedicated you are to the game. These are a source of pride, recognition, and bragging rights. Good luck in seeing which ones you’ll have in Runescape.