Guide to Runescape Achievement Capes (Pt 1)

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Achievement capes are given for those that go beyond and get 99 in a skill level. There is also an achievement cape that is given for completing every quest in the game. These capes are a source of bragging rights, have their very own emote specific to the cape, and have a defense bonus (+9) as well.

Getting An Achievement Cape

To get these capes you will first get to 99 in a skill, then when you have 99,000 gp in funds go see that skill’s master. You can but the cape and a matching hood. To get the Quest cape you will have to see the Wise old Man. All of these capes are one color and, depending on the skill, have an icon on it that symbolizes that skill.

Trimmed capes are given if you have 99 skill level in more than one skill. The difference in these are that there is a colored trim around the cape instead of it being plain. You will get it for the same price and once you earn one, all your capes turn into them. These have an extra prayer bonus of +4. These are the achievement capes in the game of Runescape.

Achievement Cape Guide: Members Skills

Herblore –To get this achievement cape after reaching 99 you will need to be at the Guthix altar that is north of Taverly. Speak to Kaqemeex. The emote that you will get with the cape is mixing a potion and presenting it as it bubbles up.

Agility – When you reach level 99 in the skill go to the Agility arena that is in Brimhaven. You will speak to Cap’n Izzy No-Beard. The emote that you will get here is where there are three poles on the ground, you jump about throughout them, and show off your agility.

Thieving – For this cape you will be at level 99 and then go to the Rogues Den below the Burthorpe Pub. You will speak to Martin Thwait. The emote that you will get here is a gold laden barrel on your shoulders as you look around hastily to make your getaway.

Slayer – When you are at level 99 for Slayer, you will go to the Shilo Village. Speak to Duradel. The emote that is with this cape is a small turoth that will attack you. You’ll grab it and throw it and jump on it to slay it.

Construction – When you are at 99 in this skill you will go to the North East of Varrock and speak with the Estate Agent. The emote for the Construction cape is where you will briskly build a one square house in front of your eyes.

Farming – After reaching the level of 99, you will go to Draynor Village square. Speak with master gardener Martin. Your new emote will be a watering can that you water the ground with, watching flowers bloom at your will.

Fletching – After getting your 99 levels here, you will go to the Catherby fletching store and speak to Hickton. Your Fletching cape emote is you leaning on a log, that you hatchet into a bow and thusly make into weapon.

Hunter – When you’ve reached the level of 99 in this skill, go to the hut in Feldip hills. Speak to the hunter expert there. Your emote will be a kebbit appearing, you trapping him and then you removing him from the trap and displaying him for all to see.

Summoning – When you’ve reached your 99 in this skill, go to Taverly and speak to Pikkupstix. Your special emote will have you raising your hands, summoning some familiars in an orb that is hanging above your head.

Quest Achievement Cape

When you’ve completed every quest in the game, you are eligible for this. Go to Draynor and speak with the Wise old Man. Your emote is a quest point symbol that will go overhead and have sparks that go from it to the ground, you wrestling with the electricity as it lifts you up, drops you, and then have those sparks go off your body. It is a source of great pride to have this cape in Runescape.