Guide to Quest Experience for Runescape Freeplay Skills (Pt. 2)

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Questing is more than just following the objectives given. It is to gather the reward, the experience, and the skills that you want. These are the quest experience points that you will get for each of the skills that are available in the freeplay game. Even though that these are for the freeplay skills, there are tons of quests here that are just for members, and the ones that aren’t are marked (Free). These are given in addition to their Quest Points.

Defense Skill

Defense is key to taking hits in combat and surviving, These quests are all going to give you the following experience buffs to your skill.

  • A Soul’s Bane – This quest will reward in 500 experience points.
  • In Search of Myreque – 600 experience points are given here.
  • Nature Spirit – 2,000 experience points are in this quest.
  • What Lies Below – This quest gives you 2,000 experience.
  • In Aid of the Myreque – This also gives 2,000 exp. points.
  • Fremennik Trails – This is for 2,813 experience points.
  • Hero’s Quest – This quest nets you 3,075 experience.
  • Between a Rock – This will give you 5,000 experience points.
  • Defender of Varrock – Completing this gives you 10,000 experience points.
  • Olaf’s Quest – This quest is for 12,000 exp. points.
  • The Holy Grail – You will get 15,300 experience points.
  • Dragon Slayer (Free) – This is for 18,650 exp. points for finishing the quest.
  • King’s Ransom – Gives a whopping 33,000 experience points.

Firemaking Skill

Firemaking comes in handy with cooking and other things. These are quests that give you boosts to the skill of Firemaking and the following experience.

  • Hero’s Quest – This quest gives out 3,075 experience for you.
  • Enlightened Journey – This quest nets you 4,000 exp. points.
  • Enakhra’s Lament – You will get 5,000 experience points here.
  • All Fired Up – This mission will leave you with 5,500 experience.
  • Summer’s End – You will complete this for 15,000 experience.
  • As a First Resort – 15,000 experience points are up for grabs.

Fishing Skill

Fishing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a source of income too. These are the quests that you can do for a Fishing boost and you’ll get these experience points.

  • Recipe for Disaster – This will net you 1,000 experience points.
  • Fremennik Trails – These are good for 2,813 exp. points.
  • Land of the Goblins – For 3,000 points when you finish it.
  • Fishing Contest – This gives you 3,225 points.
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio – Completing gives you 5,000 exp. points.
  • Rum Deal – This quest is for 7,000 experience points.
  • Sea Slug – You will get 7,125 experience here.
  • Swan Song – For a total of 10,000 experience.

Hitpoints Skill

This is basically your lifeline in this skill. Hitpoints are indeed life. The quests below give out the following experience points and a buff to Hitpoints.

  • A Soul’s Bane – Will give you 500 experience points.
  • In Search of Myreque – You will get 600 experience here.
  • Nature Spirit – This quest is for 2,000 experience points.
  • Fremennik Trails – You will get 2,813 exp. points for this quest.
  • Hero’s Quest – Will give you 3,075 experience.
  • Recipe for Disaster – This is for 4,000 experience points.
  • Royal Trouble – This quest will complete for 5,000 experience.
  • Grim Tales – This is for another 5,000 experience points.
  • Witches House – This quest is for 6,325 experience.
  • Dream Mentor – You will earn 15,000 experience points here.
  • Mourning’s End Part One – Good for 25,000 experience points.

Ranged Skill

If you are a fan of the ranged combat instead of melee, this is where you need to look. All of the quests here are Ranged buffers and will give you the listed experience points.

  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting – This offers 735 experience points.
  • Recipe For Disaster – This quest is for 1,500 experience points.
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun – This is for 2,000 experience.
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters – This is for 2,000 exp. points.
  • Hero’s Quest – 3,075 experience points are up for grabs here.
  • Horror from the Deep – There are 4,000 experience points in this quest.
  • Temple of Ikov – Finish this quest for 10,505 experience points.

Runecrafting Skill

Make great runes with this skill, you know how handy it is. These quests will buff your runescape skill and give the following experience.

  • Zamorak Mage – This quest is for 1,000 experience.
  • Slug Menace – You will get 3,500 exp. points here.
  • Lunar Diplomacy – This quest nets you 5,000 exp. points.
  • Devious Minds – Finishing this is for 5,000 points.
  • Eyes of Glouphrie – This is a 6,000 experience point quest.
  • What Lies Below – There are 8,000 experience points given here.


Be sure to check out ALL the sections on the Runescape Guidebook. There are even more quests out there that help out freeplay skills. There are several quests that will give you tons of quest experience points, skill help, and rewards.