Runescape: Guide to Quest Experience for Choosable Skills

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The Runescape quests give rewards, experience, and skill buffs just like most other MMO games. These are the quest experience you will be able to choose what you use it in. IF you want to check out more about quests and quest points, click the links to get a better overview. None of these quests below are going to be able to be accessed in the freeplay mode.

Choosable Skills: You Have a Choice Between Given Skills

These quests will give the experience points that are given below and you can pick which of these skills given you want the experience to go in.

Dream Mentor – This lamp gives you 15,000 experience points. You can put those points in Defense, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged, or into Strength.

Fremennik Isles – You can put the 10,000 points that you get from this quest into any two combat skills you choose. These can either be Attack, Defense, Hitpoints, or Strength.

Monkey Madness – A great quest in that when you speak with Daero you will get 35,000 experience points that you can place in either the combination of Strength and Hitpoints or Attack and Defense. The skills you didn’t choose will still get a boost of 20,000 points.

Underground Pass – You will get the experience points put into Agility and Attack, and the amount is solely based on your combat level at the time.

Tourist Trap – These 4,650 experience points are going to go in one of these, but you get to decide: Agility, Smithing, Thieving, or Fletching.

Choosable Skills You Can Put Anywhere

These quests will give the experience points that are given below and you can put the points into any skill that you want.

A Tail of Two Cats – You’ll receive lamps that give 2,500 experience points each. You can put these points into any two skills that are at least level 30s.

Contact – You get a lamp for this quest that provides 7,000 experience points to any of the combat skills of your choosing that aren’t Prayer.

Darkness of Hallowvale – You will get a tomb of experience. It will give 2,000 experience points to any of the skills that you want.

Fairy Tale Pt 2, Cure a Queen – This antique lamp is worth 2,500 experience points. You can put them into any skill you have that is above 30 in level.

King’s Ransom – This antique lamp gives out 5,000 experience points. You can use it in any skill you choose as long as it is a level 50 or higher.

Learning the Ropes – You get two 250 experience worthy lamps that will go into any and all skills. Which one you pick is up to you.

Legacy of Seergaze – This nets you the tome of experience, giving you 2,500 experience points that you can spread over three skills so long as the skills are above a level 35.

Legends Quest – This quest when done will release 7,650 experience points that you can spread out to any four skills that you choose.

Meeting History – This quest rewards an Old Tome that will give you 2,500 experience for any three skills that are above the 25 level. The 2,500 is divided between 1,000 each in two and 500 in the third choice.

One Small Favour – This gives out two lamps that give 10,000 points to two skills. They will have to be a minimum of 30 in level however.

Recipe for Disaster – This lamp you will rub and get 20,000 in any of your skills that you pick so long as the level is above 50.

Shadow of the Storm – You can put this 10,000 experience points in any of the combat skills except for the skill of Prayer.

Swept Away – You will receive ten bowls of goulash. These will net you 10XSkill level in experience points for each bowl for any skill of your choosing.

Troll Stronghold – These two lamps you will get 10,000 experience for. The two skills that you end up using them in must be at least a level 30 or greater.