Guide to Quest Experience for Members Only Skills in Runescape (Pt. 1)

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In Runescape, certain quests give out experience in a skill in addition to the quest points and rewards. These are those member’s skills that will be helped by the quests in their category. To check out more about quests and quest points, click the links to get a better overview of each, if you are already familiar with both then press on in this selection of quests that give experience to members skills.

Hunter Skill

There are plenty of Hunter Skills that you can use to give you some extra experience points when you’re in game. All of these quests help the hunter skill, and give the following experience points:

  • Perils of Ice Mountain – Good for 500 experience points.
  • Eagle’s Peak – Will give 2,500 experience on completion.
  • Summer’s End – 5,000 experience points up for grab.
  • Defender of Varrock – This will give 15,000 experience points.
  • As a First Resort – This nets you another 15,000 experience points

Slayer Skill

There are also Slayer Skills that you can use to help gain experience when in Runescape. All of the quests here help the Slayer skill, and they will give the following amount of experience points:

  • Recipe for Disaster – This will be for 1,000 experience.
  • Animal Magnetism – This quest will return 1,000 experience points.
  • Smoking Kills – This will give 5,000 experience points.
  • Royal Trouble – Good for 5,000 experience to the player.
  • Wanted! – Another 5,000 experience quest.
  • The Path of Glouphrie – This nets you a big 20,000 experience.
  • Back to My Roots – Will give 23,000 experience on completion.

Construction Skill

Want to use your Construction Skills? They’ll also help you with experience if you’ll use these following quests. These quests are all helpful to Construction skill and will give a certain amount of experience:

  • Eyes of Glouphrie – Gives 250 experience.
  • Perils of Ice Mountain – Will give 500 experience points.
  • Tower of Life – This quest is for 1,000 experience.
  • Cold War – This will increase experience 1,500.
  • The Great Brain Robbery – This will increase exp. by 2,000.
  • Darkness of Hallowvale – This too will increase experience by 2,000.
  • Spirit of Summer – This quest will give you 7,500 experience.
  • Fremennik Isles – This is for 15,000 experience.
  • Catapult Construction – This will get you 15,000 experience.
  • TokTz-Ket-Dill – Will give you 20,000 experience.

Farming Skill

Farming isn’t just a past time any longer! All of these quests are helpful to Farming skills and will give out the experience that is listed here:

  • Perils of Ice Mountain – This gives 500 experience.
  • Recipe for Disaster – This is for 1,000 experience points.
  • Spirit of Summer – This is for 2,000 exp.
  • Enlightened Journey – Gives out 3,000 experience.
  • Growing Pains – It is for 3,500 experience.
  • Grim Tales – This is worth 4,000 experience.
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure – This is for 5,000 experience.
  • Garden of Tranquility – It is for 5,000 exp.
  • Forgettable Tale – Gives 5,000 experience.
  • Rum Deal – The quest is for 7,000 experience.
  • Back to My Roots – This nets a whopping 24,000 experience.

Fletching Skill

For those who love their Fletching Skills, there are some quests that you can do that will also help you in the experience department. These are the quests that give experience and boosts to the Fletching skill:

  • Big Chomp Bird Hunting – This gives 260 experience.
  • Animal Magnetism – Gives 1,000 exp. points.
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters – This is for 2,000 experience.
  • Fremennik Trails – Nets you 2,813 experience.
  • Devious Minds – Good for a sum total of 5,000 experience.
  • Catapult Construction – 5,000 experience points up for grabs here.
  • Temple of Ikov – This is for 8,000 experience points.


And, there you have it. The quests that will give you extra experience when it comes to these 5 skills. So, you can now level your character and your specific skills at the same time.