Runescape Emotes: Emote Enhancers, Acrobat, Operating, and Default

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Out of the seven types of emotes in the Runescape MMO game; this article looks at Emote Enhancers, Acrobat, Operating, and Default. Remember that if the emote in the Emote Menu is blackened you haven’t unlocked it to use yet, if it is colored you will be able to use it as it’s already unlocked from prior game play. All of these will tell you how they are used in game and what you’ll need to do to unlock them for game play.

Emote Enhancers

These will make an emote appear different depending on what equipment you are wearing. Only the Chicken Costume is for Free Players, the rest are all Members Edition.

A Powdered Wig – Angry Emote – Level One Treasure Trails Reward. You will look like you are very frustrated with this emote enhancer, but with a powdered wig on.

Flared Trousers – Dance Emote – Level One Treasure Trails Reward. You will look as if you are dancing, but with this enhancer you’ll have on the flared trousers and look like you are discoing.

Pantaloons – Bow Emote – Level One Treasure Trails Reward. You will be bowing a bit formal with the pantaloons that you will have one for this enhancer.

Builder’s Costume – Beckon Emote – Tower of Life Quest suit. You will beckon forth someone but have on a builder’s costume like you need help on site. Cute with the construction skill.

Sleeping Cap – Yawn Emote – Level One Treasure Trails Reward. You will yawn like normal but have on a sleeping cap so that you will appear to be ready for bed.

Chicken Costume – Flap Emote – Received from Easter 2007 events. You will flap around like a chicken and be wearing an outfit to where you look as if you are a chicken too.

Default Emotes

After you complete the Learning the Ropes quest while in Lumbridge, you can get these emotes. These are the standard emotes that all characters will get to do in normal game play. Most need no explanation.

Yes (you’ll shake your head yes), No (you’ll shake your head no), Enhanced Bow (a very pronounced Bow, different from the rest), Enhanced Angry (you will fret and fume in an exaggerated manner), Think (you will look as if you are in deep thought), Wave (you will wave hello or goodbye), Shrug (you just will not know), Cheer (you’ll be really excited), Enhanced Beckon (call someone to you), Laugh (a hearty laugh), Jump for Joy (gravity will not be able to contain your happiness), Enhanced Yawn (you are just way too sleepy), Enhanced Dance (cut a rug with this emote), Jig (a different dance), Spin (spin around), Headbang (bangs your head against something out of frustration), Cry (you’ll be sad), Blow Kiss (blow a kiss to someone), Panic (anxious about something), Raspberry (blow a raspberry with this emote), Clap (you’ll clap your hands), and Salute (a formal salute).

Operating Emotes

These are items that are unlocked after you operate an item.

Reindeer Hat – Reindeer Emote – You’ll have to wear a reindeer hat when you activate this emote. You’ll act like a reindeer. Very cute one to do with some of the other holiday emotes that you can see in part one of the emote list.

Rubber Chicken – Dance Emote – You can wield it or right click the rubber chicken to use. You’ll do the chicken dance. Flap, cluck, and be the best fake chicken you can be. It’s fun to do with all of your friends.

Broomstick – Sweep Emote – You need to finish “Swept Away”. You can then press the “sweep” option to make like you are sweeping with a broom. It’s one that is cute to do when you are around Halloween.

Chocatrice Cape – Giant Easter Egg Emote – After the 2008 Easter event, you can operate the cape to use the emote, where the player will come out of a yellow egg. If you ever have had the urge to be hatched, now is your chance.

Toy Kite – Toy Kite Emote – After the April Fools in 2008, they can be bought from Diango in Draynor for 100. You can then fly it. It will make the wind pick up and get underneath it so that it can take flight.

Acrobat Emotes

These are emotes that can only be done while on a rope, perhaps you can try them while in Balthazar Beauregard’s Big Top Bonanza at Agility tests. They are the ones that are “Acrobatic” in nature.

Level 10 – Small hop – At level 10 you will be able to do a small hop on the ropes, not quite as spectacular as some of the rest, but you gotta start somewhere.

Level 20 – One Leg Balance – At level 20 you have worked up to doing a one leg balance trick on the ropes. You’re not quite Olympic bound, but you learned a new trick.

Level 30 – The Twirl – At level 30 you’ve mastered a twirl, so spin around on the ropes and show them all what you got.

Level 40 – The handstand – At level 40 you are now able to do a handstand on the ropes. A master balance move!

Level 50 – A Cartwheel – Defy your friends with your ability at level 50 to do a cartwheel while balancing on the ropes. You’re halfway through all the skills you can get from this.

Level 60 – A small Leap – You can’t jump far yet, but you can jump higher than you could at level 10. This rope leap will set you up for the next trick.

Level 70 – A Cartwheel not using Hands – At level 70 you have the ability to do an unhanded cartwheel on your rope.

Level 80 – Forward Roll – Roll across the rope without a single care at level 80. There are only a few more tricks you’ve yet to learn!

Level 90- A Large Leap – The biggest leap yet comes at level 90 and is on the ropes. Look how far you’ve come since level 10!

Level 99 – A Backflip – This is the hardest trick you’ll learn, and its all about balance and control You’ve mastered all 99 levels, good job.

Level NA – Juggle – There isn’t a specific level you need to be to juggle, so have fun with this emote from the start.