Runescape Emotes: Unlockable, Penguin, and Skill Cape

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Emotes are those actions that can display thought and feeling without words. Especially popular before any quick chat devices in game were released, it was a way for the “muted” player to have a voice. These emotes in Runescape are able to be selected in the interface under the Emote Menu. You can check and see what ones you can do by the color of the emote; if it is black you can’t do them yet (you’ll need to unlock it first), and if it’s a colored emote you are able to select it as it’s already unlocked. Emotes fall in the categories of Unlockable, Operating, Penguin, Skill Cape, Emote Enhancers, Acrobat, and Default. This article will look at Unlockable, Penguin, and Skill Cape. The others are in part two of the Runescape emotes.

Unlockable Emotes

Unlockable emotes are those that are unlocked from doing a task, a quest, or a certain item in the game.

Goblin Salute – This emote is opened up from completing the Lost Tribe quest. It is one of the things given as a reward. With this emote, you will jump side to side and fisting the air afterwards. Typically one of the cuter emotes in the game.

Goblin Bow – This is received from the Lost Tribe quest completion as well. It is given as a reward. For this emote, you will be seen quickly bowing. It is a different bow from the other “Bow” emotes in the game.

Glass Box – You will obtain this from the Mime random event in the game. It is given as a reward. It will show you like you a trapped in an invisible box. It is the typical “Mime” impression and one of four such in the game.

Climb Rope – This is a reward from the Mime random event too. You will look like you are trying to climb an invisible rope. All of the Mime emotes are fun to do when you are around a group of people.

Lean – This is another of the rewards you will get from the random Mime event. It will look like you are leaning against an invisible wall or glass wall. It is one of the four Mime impressions you can do in Runescape.

Glass Wall – This is another random Mime event reward that is given out in the game. It will show you like you are moving your hands against an invisible wall. Again, typical Mime fashion and great to combine with the other three emotes for the Mime series.

Idea – In the Stronghold of Security and from the Box of Health you’ll get this. There will be a light bulb above the head, and you will raise your hand to signal “I’ve an idea” and the light bulb lights up. It is also known as the “Ah ha” emote because of the nature of it.

Stomp – Another in the Stronghold of Security and from the Box of Health. It is where you stomp the ground and have it vibrate your frustrations. If you are frustrated in the game, this is the emote that you will want to do to show everyone that.

Flap – In the Stronghold of Security from the Gift of Peace, this emote looks like you are flapping wings. If you have the Chicken Suit on it will actually look like you are taking flight and is much cuter than without the Chicken Suit.

Slap Head – From the Stronghold of Security and from the Grain of Plenty, this emote has you slapping your head like you realized that you have forgotten something important. It is also the emote for thinking or searching.

Zombie Hand – After completion of the 2007 Halloween event, this emote makes you hop backwards to avoid a zombie hand that comes up from the ground. A gruesomely fun little emote to do for giggles.

Scared – This was a reward for the 2005 Halloween event. It makes you shake and hide your head in your hands as you tremble. Scared is also the emote for the Halloween holiday tricks and treats when you are in a costume.

Zombie Dance – This is the reward from the Leo the Gravedigger random event. It looks like you are doing the “Thriller” dance. This emote is very fun to do and if you can get a line of players doing it you can recreate the video nearly.

Zombie Walk – This is from the Leo the Gravedigger random event as a reward. It will make you lean to and fro as you walk, much like a zombie would do. It is a very still walk, and is also called the Undead Walk depending on where you are.

Snowman Dance – Unlocked by building or helping someone build a snowman during the 2007 Christmas events. You do a Christmas musical dance. Its a festive little emote to do around the holidays to bring cheer to your fellow players.

Air Guitar – When you unlock a minimum of 500 songs in the jukebox you get this emote, and it will play five notes as you do your air guitar motion. It’s a way fun emote, Dude.

Trick – Given during the 2008 Halloween event by peering into Maggie’s cauldron. The player’s arms lift and bats fly around.The visual is very interesting because the bats sorta look like its flying completely out of your armpits, ha.

Bunny-Hop – If you have done an Easter seasonal event you will get this as a reward. It’s just doing a jump up and down like a rabbit. You can do this in a line as a dance with others, or just goofing off and being silly with yourself.

Safety First – When you complete the miniquest of Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence you get this, you will make arm movements that will invoke a large shield of protection. Not really an emote that is used a great deal, but still one that you will have at your disposal.

Explore – Do the beginning few tasks of Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary for this. You’ll cover the tops of your eyes like you are searching, and then search the pockets of your clothes. It could also be described as the “Now where did I put that” emote.

Skill Cape Emote

There are 25 skill cape emotes one for each skill and the Quest cape. If you complete every quest in the game you will get the Quest Cape. The Skill capes are from gaining a Cape of Achievement from getting to skill level 99 in a skill. Each one has a different emote that will be performed depending on the skill it was received in.

Penguin Emotes

These emotes are doing while in the Cold War quest and anytime afterwards. They are done while in the Penguin suit.

Shiver (you’ll seem like you are very cold), Spin (do a little 360), Clap (a cute little penguin clap), Bow (a formal bow), Cheer (extend happiness and fun), Wave (a little penguin wave of “hi” or “bye”), Preen (a cleaning or grooming action of vanity), and Flap (where the penguin flaps but of course flys nowhere).