Runescape Guide on Wilderness

Runescape Guide on Wilderness
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Runescape Guide on Wilderness

Basically, the wilderness, also known as the wild, is the area of Runescape where player killing and full looting is allowed. It is also a place where you can find many rare or runite ore. There is also a lot of high-level and dangerous monsters to face and a lot of great dungeons to discover. There are levels in the Wilderness. The farther you go into the Wilderness, the more dangerous it becomes. As you may know, the great rewards are in the most dangerous levels. The concept of levels is pretty simple. If you’re in Wilderness level 1, only players with a level difference of 1 can attack you. If you’re at level 35 of the Wilderness and you’re level one, a level 36 can come and attack you without penalties. If you think about it, the Wilderness of Runescape shares some things with the EVE Online sandbox experience. This is a place of great dangers and great rewards!

How to Survive in the Wilderness

Survive Runescape Wilderness

There are a few key principles to remember if you want to survive in the Wilderness of Runescape. Basically, when you’re killed in the Wilderness, all your items, except your three most valuables, are dropped and your killed can take them and do whatever he wants with them. However, the Protect Items prayer allow the player to protect an additional item. This is not rare to see people running around in the wilderness with only three items on themselves. Some even run with a pickaxe to mine runite ore, hoping to not get caught by the wilderness players.

There is also a skull system in place in the Runescape Wilderness. The attacking player will get a skull on their head for 20 minutes after their attack. The defender, on the other side, will not get any skull. If you die with a skull on your head, you will not be able to benefit from the three items drop protection and you’ll drop all the items you currently have. If you have your prayer power, you’ll be able to protect one item if you die with a skull on your head.

Wilderness Strategies

Runescape Wilderness Strategies

Here is the important part of our Runescape Guide on Wilderness. There are many strategies that you can use to survive in the wilderness. There are two basic ways you can avoid being killed in the Wilderness: you can run or you can use teleport runes. The teleport option is a great way to save your skin if you’re in a tight situation, but you’re screwed if your enemy block your teleportation or if your enemy has high DPS. This is why it is good to plan your retreat and run instead of using the teleport option. In fact, running offers the player more ways to escape the enemies, like using the trees as a terrain advantage or throwing off the enemies with groups of monsters. The teleport runes is only really useful when you’re getting ganked by a team of players. If you happen to be attacked by a clan, use your bind spell or ask a mage partner to cast this spell on the enemies. If you’re feeling like you want to fight the clan instead of binding them and run away, always try to take down the mages first. Let’s take a look at the right decisions to take when you’re in difficulty in the Varrock and Edgeville Wilderness.

The Edgeville Wilderness

Edgeville Wilderness

The Edgeville Wilderness is recommended for players that wants an introduction to the Wilderness because most of the territory is not multi-area combat. Through level 1 to 10 of the Edgeville Wilderness, it is easy to get away from the bad guys by Running. If you get yourself in a tough situation, run back to Edgeville or use the groups of monsters to throw off your enemy while running for the safe zone. If you have trouble finding groups of monsters or if you’re enemy is persistent, try to find a mining spot. There are always agressive and tough mobs near these spots. If Wilderness expeditions become frequent, you can take a look at some Wilderness maps and learn the hot spots! You can also use your Amulet of Glory to teleport outside of the Edgeville Bank. If you get in trouble past the 10th level, you need to run for your life to the 9th level of the Wilderness. There is basically a line of mobs that allow any player to throw off any player easily. There is also a patch of tree next to the Dark Night Fortress that you can use to your advantage if you feel like you don’t have time to run for the level 9th.

The Varrock Wilderness

Varrock Wilderness

The Varrock Wilderness is much more dangerous than the Edgeville Wilderness. There are more multi combat zones and the other players are generally more experienced than you. However, you can survive easily with our basic strategies. In general, you always need to be alert in Multi Combat Wilderness. If you get in touble before Wilderness Level 6, just run to the North Gate of Varrock and you should not have any problem getting to safety. If by any chance you’re getting ganked, use your teleport rune quickly when you see the storm coming. Don’t wait to ask them to not kill you. Players in Runescape will not give you any chances and will not be kind to you. If you get attacked between the 12th and the 17th level, use the big zone of trees next to the Chaos Temple to get away from your opponents. If you’re looking for more Runescape infos after reading our Runescape Guide on Wilderness, take a look at the related articles to find something to read!