Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 6 Walkthrough
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Final Chapter

With the area clean, just keep collecting items and moving on to the next point. Equip your riflle with the IR scope and take down the frozen regenerating dude. Take it down and get the items around the area before taking down another chaingunner creautre. Use the barrels to take out your enemies and head on to the NW doorway to find that it’s locked. You’ll need two control panels activatrd. Climb up to the room and deactivate the switch from the SW room and be assaulted by more enemies. Stay upstairs and get ready to mow down your enemies. Be sure to search the remains when you’re done and get the Emergency Lock Card key to re-activate the panels unlocking the door. Getting the key means a new waves of enemies will find you so pick a spot and get shooting. When the music stops, head back to ground level and to the NE area to find a ladder leading to the control. Switch on the first panel in the SW control room and then go north to another room that will finally open the door. Get back to the locked room (which is now unlocked) and enter the next area by walking into it. Only one enemy remains.

Saddler’s Fight


Stock up on items and then conduct business with the last merchant of the game then head on to the south stairwell for fight. Equip a lot of grenades, and make sure to use the barrels in the room. Saddler will be your enemy and you’ll need to lure him to the barrels and when he’s down - stab his eyeball. The second barrel is at the south of the dock and across the risen bridge to jump across. Lure him to you again and repeat the same process.

Now on to the grenades, toss them at his direction to get him to his knees so that you can stab him. Repeat until you have no grenades left and target Saddler’s body underneath the giant spider legs. Repeat this process as much as you can then head on to the western dock where you’ll climb a short ledge and hit a panel that will make Saddler fall down. Don’t forget to stab the eye now.

Escaping the Cave



Keep fighting until you get tossed a special rocket launcher and take aim at Saddler - one shot will finally kill him. After the cutscene, a countdown will begin so run towards the elevator to the NE corner and take it down to find Ashley. Run until you reach the jet ski and hop on.

Speed up the jet ski and use the controls to go left or right. Don’t forget to dodge the rock spires and any other obstacles in your path and be mindful of the gas. Towards the end, take a gander at the falling boulders that will come from the ceiling. You’ll be safe after you leave the cave, and you have finally completed the game.