Resident Evil 4 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 4 Chapter 4 Walkthrough
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Chapter 4

There’s an unlocked door leading to the next area, pick up items and leave Ashley behind before crossing the next area. Past the fiery walkway is an ornament piece. Knock the head off the dragon statue and get the chest full of gold.

There’s a spinning fence on a platform next, look for an opening and jump across to reach the north walkway. There’s another giant statue, run and take cover in the corner of a large clearing. Look up and spot the gold chain link - shoot it to drop the dragon into the lava and raising a stretch of walkway. When you’re done, run to the north path and get the Lion Ornament and then target the other statue and take it out. Now get to the south area get the treasure and get Ashley.

The Grails


Go to the west room and get in the cart riding it to the south end of the castle. Unlock the east door to the castle and


use the three ornament pieces to unlock the northern parth. Get on the other cart and ride it to the north end of the castle. There’sa merchant here and another shooting gallery. When you’re done leave Ashley for a while head to the Hallway of Knighs. Dodge the axes thatcome your way and grab the King’s Grail from the center pedestal. Four knights will arise as a result of this so kill them all and take out the next four that will arrive.

Back at the merchant’s room go to the west door with the four switches and statues. Push the statues over the two switches, have Ashely stand on the other while you stand on the remaining switch to open the next doorway. Entering the room, the ceiling will start falling. Target the four red lights around the spikes to stop this. Then on to the next hall and have the gate crash in front of Ashley.Take down the two creepos there and the gate will reopen. Get the Queen’s Grail in this room and return to the merchant’s hall.

Exploring the Castle


Now on to the north hall are more enemies. Keep Ashley safe and take them down. Go to the small area behind them and use the Grails to open the door. Now head on to the other end of the room and be contronted by flying insects. Knock them out with your shotgun and use the lever to open the drawbridge. Now fire at the chain to make it drop all the way to the next area where you’ll meet another merchant.

Head north again and exit to where you can see a clock tower and take down two enemies there. Cross the bridge to the west balcony and take out enemies. There’s a door with a barred lattice. To move it, free the tower gears of debris and pull the level. Destroy 3 blocks of wood and pull the lever open to meet your enemies. Be mobile as you take down your enemies. When it’s done, exit through the east door. Take out enemies and just keep going to the next area. The next enemies you meet you can snipe down. Just keep going and keep shooting away, remember to be mobile as this a big wave of monsters. Keep going until its all clear and you end up at the merchant’s room.

Sewer Monster



Now head down the sewer hall and find yourself being hunter. Be ready to dodge attacks from a monster and before you head to the northern room, be prepared. At the back of that room, hit the switch to operate the lift. There’s a four minute waiting period in which time the monster who was attacking you will emerge. Run away as fast you you can and dodge attacks as you go along. You can wait for the time to run out or attack it. If you’re attacking then use the Nitrous Oxide in the area and freeze the creature and damage it as much as you can. Run when the freeze wears off and use the second and third nitrous in the process in order to kill it. Otherwise, just bide your time.

When Giants Attack


The next area has another merchant and a shooting gallery. So stock up and get around the mining tunnels by killing off enemies until you get to a cavern. Once its cleared head north and press a switch that sens a mine cart to you. Now head up hill to the south and another kill switch. Pick off your enemies with a shotgun and then grab the dynamite from the cart and blow them all up. From there, two giant creatures will attack you. One of the giants is a pansy so no worries. Climb the ladder and get to the zipline. Operate the lever at the other side and let off a lava at one of the giants. With one down and one to go, just keep popping bullets until it croaks. When it’s on its knees, vault on top of it and hack away.

When you’re done, head to the eastern doorway and get to a multi-level cavern with insects. Take them out bit by bit before heading to the slope and a small cave with a switch. This switch opens half of the door to the south and then head back out to the other cave where the second switch it. Geting to the gate, dodge falling blocks and start running. Pull the switch to your left and activate the lift in the center of the room

The Mines


The new area has another merchant, once done get to cracking. Shoot at the first two you find to set them on fire. Do the same with the others or taken them out with a blitz move. Now note the locked door to the east before getting to the wooden shed to the south. Crank it up and reveal a ladder to an underground passage. Inside the tunnel are more enemies so be careful and head to the maze. Watch out for traps and get ready to climb the ladder north again. Once up head to the western corner and take them out one by one and then grab the Key to the Mine from the pedestal. More enemies ensue, kill them and get to the east door.

Mine Carts



There’s another narrow tunnel here opening up to a room with spikes. It starts to fall and you’ll get attacked. So use the grenade to stop the parasite and then take out the four pieces along the ceiling - opening up a door. Keep walking until you into one of the mine carts. Shoot at the lever on the eastern wall and jump into the rear cart when they start rolling. Enemies will pile up so be careful.

When the cart stops, target the lever at the far end to make the cart moving downhill. Be ready to jump out of the cart as it crashes below. Once out of the cart, grab the Stone of Sacrifice and get a door to open before using a ladder to climb up to the surface and use the Stone of Sacrifice to open the door and take the lift up.

Moving Hands

There’s a path leading up to a room with a bridge. Cutscene occurs and you’ll need to circle back to the small room (SW of where you are you) and climb up the ladder to reach the second level. Enemies will come at you so be careful. Once done, look for the third level and switch it on. Now get on the rising hand and jump to the center platform. Hit the switch to make the other hand move, releasing more enemies. Once done, hop down to raise the final portion of the bridge. Be careful of an attack from the rear when this is done and be ready for another cutscene.

When Statues Attack



Run away from the walking statue and be careful of the falling pillar. Dodge it and then use the knife to cut the lock on the door. The statue will still be in hot pursuit. Now into the building ahead, be careful of falling barrels tumbling towards you. Now, try and kill the monsters controlling the level to stop the barrels from falling. Now head upstairs to the tower and watch another cutscene. So pull the lever and kill them all. Once done, get into the lift and activate it. Clear out enemies who want to jump in with you. Now its just easy walking to the merchant’s room and off to another part of the tower.

Salazar Speaks



Be careful of another surprise attack, just avoid it properly and you’ll be ok. Now turn right to the end of the platform and be careful about the tentacles. Salazar will speak from time to time as the shell at the base will open up (shoot whenever this happens!) Watch for the emerging pattern here and just be ready to dodge and hit whenever you can. Salazar will eventually die, leaving you safe to roam the area and collect the loot. Climb down the robe outside the walkway and walk to meet the merchant. Further on ends this chapter.