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PSP Wifi Scanner
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PSP Wifi Scanner: Is it Possible?

The PSP much like many other portable devices on the market features the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks making it ideal as a PSP wifi scanner. The internal mechanism for searching for Wi-Fi in the PSP operating system is much like that on a Windows computer. First you need to open the network section and manually begin the search, at which time the PSP will slowly scan for a detect any nearby networks.

The internal search method for searching for Wi-Fi networks on the PSP is both slow and provides very little information making it fairly useless as a PSP wifi scanner. Utilizing the full ability of the PSP as a PSP wifi scanner will require a hacked PSP capable of running homebrew. Using a homebrew application that is freely available for the PSP it is possible to make the ultimate PSP wifi scanner.

Utilizing a PSP wifi scanner will enable you to detect wireless networks anywhere you go. On the street, in a car or even on the train

you will be able to detect Wi-Fi hotspots and networks with your PSP wifi scanner. The homebrew application that turns the PSP into the ultimate PSP wifi scanner can display detailed information about the Wi-Fi network such as signal strength making it possible to determine the source of the network.

Finding networks with the PSP wifi scanner will help you to locate hotspots to connect to with your PSP, laptop or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. Having a PSP wifi scanner can be particularly useful for students or those who live in the city and wish to map out Wi-Fi hotspots. There are countless other uses for a PSP wifi scanner such as finding Wi-Fi hotspots when on vacation and traveling. The best part about the PSP wifi scanner is that it will not cost you anything as the homebrew application is free and you likely already have a PSP if you are reading this article.

How to Make a PSP Wifi Scanner

Things you’ll need:

  • Hacked PSP
  • Memory Stick
  • USB Cable for PSP
  • Computer with Internet
  1. Download Road Dog. Turning your PSP into a PSP wifi scanner will require you to download a free homebrew program called Road Dog. Road Dog can be downloaded here

  2. Transfer Road Dog to PSP. Connect the PSP to your computer using the USB cable. Put the PSP into USB Connection mode so that it is detected by the computer. Navigate to My Computer and select the new drive that is linked to the PSP. Copy the Road Dog homebrew file to the PSP Game folder to use the PSP as a PSP wifi scanner. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and the PSP and exit USB mode on the PSP.

  3. Launch Road Dog. Navigate to the contents of the Memory stick on the PSP. Open the Road Dog homebrew application on the PSP. The Road Dog homebrew typically shows up in the game menu on a hacked PSP.

  4. Utilize Road Dog. Once Road Dog is running on your PSP your PSP is officially functioning as a PSP wifi scanner. The information about detected Wi-Fi networks will be displayed on the screen of your PSP wifi scanner. Road Dog also features voice alerts when using your PSP as a PSP wifi scanner.