Find PSP N64 Emulator Download Information

Find PSP N64 Emulator Download Information
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You are likely viewing this article because you are looking for a PSP N64 emulator download. The good news is that there is a freely available N64 emulator download for PSP. Emulation on the PSP is nothing new and initially started with the desire to emulate earlier Nintendo consoles such as the Super Nintendo and eventually the Gameboy.

Developers quickly began setting their sights on other systems such as the Sega and eventually even the original Playstation consoles. After many other emulator releases for the PSP, a developer finally released an early version of an N64 emulator for PSP. The very first release of the PSP N64 emulator download was quite slow and not capable of playing many games.

Continued development of the PSP N64 emulator lead to several more stable alpha releases which were capable of playing more games however not nearly at full speed. Using early PSP N64 emulator technology games were played back at crawling speeds making it almost painful to play N64 games using the PSP N64 emulator.

Finally DaedlusX64 was released which allowed not only near full speed playback of N64 games on the PSP but also allowed compatibility with the majority of N64 games. The PSP N64 emulator download for DaedlusX64 will enable comfortable playback of many of your favorite N64 games on your PSP handheld system with very little work.

PSP N64 Emulator Download

The PSP N64 Emulator Download also know as DaedlusX64 can be downloaded here. Below are the instructions on how to use this PSP N64 Emulator Download to play N64 rom files on your PSP.

What’s required:

  • Hacked PSP
  • Memory stick
  • USB cable for PSP
  • Computer
  1. Download DaedlusX64. Use the PSP N64 emulator download above to download the files for the PSP N64 emulator. Save the files to the desktop.
  2. Copy DaedlusX64 to Memory stick. Connect the PSP to the computer using the USB cable. Put the PSP into USB mode. Open My Computer and look for the new drive linked to the PSP. Copy the DaedlusX64 files to the Games folder on the PSP. Copy any N64 rom files to the same folder as they will be required by DaedlusX64.
  3. Open DaedlusX64 on the PSP. Disconnect the PSP from the computer and back out of USB mode by pressing O on the PSP. Navigate to the games folder on your PSP and search for DaedlusX64. Launch DaedlusX64 on your PSP.
  4. Select a game. DaedlusX64 will display a list of available roms (games) on your PSP. Select a game to begin playing that particular game.

Using this PSP N64 emulator download will enable you to play most N64 games on your PSP. As with any emulator the PSP N64 emulator does not support 100% of all the N64 games and not all games work perfectly. The majority of the games are supported and work very well on the PSP using the N64 PSP emulator download found here.