How to Connect Your PSP to the Internet

How to Connect Your PSP to the Internet
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How to Connect PSP to Internet

You may have thought that to connect PSP to internet was hard, when really it is not. You can learn the basics, and perhaps connect to the internet wherever you go. This is beneficial when you need the use of the internet, but you were not sure how to connect before. There are no worries, connect to the internet now using your PSP device.

Turn Your PSP ON

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This is to connect your PSP to the wireless network in your own home. This is not for when you’re at a place that offers free wi-fi, or for borrowing the internet from your neighbor. You will need a modem and wireless connection to establish the connection at your home.

Go to the settings in the menu on your PSP. It should be able to be accessed when you scroll to the left of the screen.

Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Network Settings. Click X to enter the menu for the network settings.

Select the Infrastructure Mode using the X button. Select the New Connection option, and hit the X again.

You will then have a list of connections around you. The PSP will pick up on all the connections, although the ones you cannot use will be locked when you choose the Scan option. You should choose the connection for your home then press the X button.

SSID is the name of the connection you’re looking for. It will allow you to know whether or not the connection is protected by a password and if the signal is low or high depending on where the connection is located around you. The higher the connection, the better it is for surfing the internet and checking your mail.

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Connecting When Out and About

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Connecting When Out and About

You will want to do the same steps as above, but the connection differs when borrowing internet.

Select the strong signal, but does not have a password protected sign on. Select it by pressing the X button on the PSP.

You will then have to confirm your settings by pressing left on the d pad. This will then save the settings that you have chosen.

You should now be able to connect to the internet connection that you chose. If you find that you’re having a hard time connecting, then try to go back through the settings to try the selections over again.

You can then visit the internet and browse as you would like using the PSP.

Connecting to the internet with your PSP is great for on the go, or even at home when you cannot get to a computer. You will be able to use all of the browsers that you can on a computer; it will just be smaller and easier to carry around when you need it.