How to Put Music on PSP

How to Put Music on PSP
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About Putting Music on PSP

Have you ever wondered how to put music on PSP? There are many different things you can do and put on PSP and music can be one of the most rewarding. The PSP is a great tool for playing music, combined with the fact that it is ultra-portable and has a decent amount

of storage the PSP is a great mp3 player. Learning how to copy music on PSP is actually a fairly easy process. Very few things are needed to put music on PSP.

What you will need:

  • PSP with memory stick
  • USB cable that came with PSP
  • Music in Mp3 format
  • Computer

How to Put Music on PSP

  1. Connect the PSP to computer. Using the USB cable that came with your PSP, connect the PSP to the computer. The USB port can typically be found on the back of the computer or on the side of a laptop.
  2. Set USB connection on PSP. Press the Home button on PSP and navigate to Settings. Locate and select USB Connection.
  3. Open the PSP on computer. Navigate to My Computer on your computer (Windows). Search for the new drive that has been listed under My Computer and double-click the new drive to open it. This will open the storage on PSP from your computer.
  4. Create a music folder. Right-click with your mouse and select Create New Folder. Name the folder Music and press Enter to finish creating the folder.
  5. Copy music to PSP. Click and drag any Mp3 files on your computer to the new music folder on PSP. Allow the files to copy to the music folder on PSP, this may take several minutes. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to copy more music files on PSP.
  6. Disconnect the PSP. Press O on PSP to end the USB connection mode on PSP. Unplug the USB cable from both the computer and the PSP. The music files are now on PSP stored on the memory stick. Reconnect the PSP to the computer to copy more music files anytime you decide to copy more music on PSP.
  7. Listen to the music. Listen to the new music that you have copied on PSP. Access the music on PSP by navigating to the Memory stick from interface on PSP. Search for the Music folder and select it on PSP. Browse through the newly copied music on PSP and listen to the songs as you please on PSP.

Tips & Advice

This guide has taught you how to copy music on PSP when the music in Mp3 format. Mp3 format is supported on PSP and allows for full playback. Older versions of the PSP firmware only supported the Mp3 file format. Users of the newer versions of the PSP firmware will be able to listen to music on PSP in other formats such as WMA and WMV without converting the music files. Attempt to copy files in non Mp3 format on PSP and attempt to play them back.

When the files do not play back it signifies that file format is not supported by your firmware version on the PSP. Consider upgrading the firmware on your PSP or converting the music files into Mp3 format and then copy them back on PSP to play them back. There are many programs to convert files into MP3 format such as Blaze Media Pro.