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Pro Evolution Soccer 6: Basics of play

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you have trouble getting the ball in the net or get mixed up between a cross and a one-two, you will find this guide useful; here we cover the basics of playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

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    Being quite an accurate simulation of the game of soccer, there are a lot of possibilities when playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6; for instance you can choose to develop your team on the wings, by spending on fast wing-backs in the transfer market, or build an iron defence.

    If you are used to the game and its previous incarnations you will find little difficulty in playing: not so if you are new to the controls and style of PES. The ball movement and in-game situations are quite authentic and you will need to, at least, nail the basics of the game before immersing yourself in a Master league or a Season. And so, this guide was created. It should help you master the basics of game-play so you can move onto the more complex aspects of our beautiful game.

    For the buttons we will use the same layout as the PS controller. (Fig. 1)

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    Fig 1

    Controller layout
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    On Defending

    There are different ways of defending an attack in the game. You can either do it with a single player, and try a one-on-one clash, or call up a team mate to help you.

    You can change player with the L1 button in both defence and attack.

    The first basic move is trying to get the ball from an opponent. You can do this by running up to the opposing attacker and keeping the X button pressed. This will make your player run towards the ball and put pressure on the opponent.

    You can use the SQUARE button to defend ‘2 on 1’ and it will be helpful in closing the opposing attacker and slowing down counter-attacks. Try and get the opposing player to drift wide: this will give you the necessary time for your defenders to run back. The player in your team controlled by the computer, when in a 2 on 1, will also automatically make a tackle or try and take the ball.

    Once you have possession of the ball you can try a short-pass with X, a long pass with SQUARE (watch the power-gauge at the bottom of the screen) or just launch the ball with the CIRCLE button; the latter isn’t as precise and results in a 'launch-and-hope' type of game. However, it is good to clear the ball with the CIRCLE button if in a dangerous situation, such as the opponent being in your penalty box or near your keeper.

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    2 on 1 Pressure

    Maggio and Robben pressure the opponent
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    On Attacking

    The most effective way of attacking in PES (not the only way) is to spread play on your wings. Once you have the wingers running you have many possibilities; you can cross the ball, cut-back and play through the centre or go straight for goal.

    To pass the ball short press X, again. The SQUARE button works as a long pass unless you are a winger and unless you are near the corner-flag. In this case you have the possibility to cross the ball:

    Tap SQUARE once for a mid-penalty box cross

    Twice for a cross at the near-post

    Thrice for a low-cross

    and then you can head the ball with the CIRCLE button, should your man get to it. You can also shoot with this button once inside or outside the box and direct your shot with the right-axis. Watch your power-gauge carefully as it determines if you balloon or carefully place the ball.

    To do tricks you can use the RIGHT-AXIS to do tricks but they are not very useful in practical game play. A good one is rotating it 360 degrees to do a trick much seen by Del Piero or Zidane (the ‘Marseille roulette’ or ‘Rabona’).

    A one-two is a move where you first pass to a CPU-controlled player and he will automatically pass it back. To do this you need to keep R1 pressed when close to your team-mate and returning the ball with the X button; you can do this anywhere of course but it is recommended that you do one-two’s near the penalty box.

    As a last tip, the easiest way to score in the game is by passing the ball to a winger when counter-attacking, passing to an attacker and cutting inside the penalty box: once there take a shot and it should go in (pic).

    These are the basics, enjoy the game!

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    Likely scoring position

    Robben cuts inand shoots in a likely scoring position