Portal The Flash Game : Review of the online flash game, Portal: The Flash Version, based on valve's Portal Game

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Portal: The Flash version (4 out of 5)

Portal: The Flash version is a 2D creation of valve’s first-person puzzler, Portal. This excellent free flash game contains 40 levels of mind-bending puzzles and has all the elements of the real game except for the 3D take.

With the trailer release of valve’s Portal, the flash version was in the making. But, surprisingly, it was really never intended to be made public! The authors just started it as an excitement project. They watched the original portal trailer and wanted to play it and this resulted in bringing their own version using 2D Flash. However, the development took a serious turn and the game was released 5 hours before the release of valve’s Portal.

The story is rather simple but interesting, gamers have find their way to the exit door and go through it alive. With 40 challenging puzzles, portals and thinking levels, the game features almost every aspect of the original 3D Portal. The character wakes up in a strange location and finds himself as an experimental guinea pig with the ASHPD [Apertyre Science Handheld Portable Device] is his hands. As he is a test subject, he has to prove his legitimacy for the job and escape through the exit door, alive!

The controls are rather easy. Players can use either the mouse or keyboard while playing. The A and D keys allows to move left or right and The W key to jump. To launch a portal, players have to click the left mouse button at light color areas to open a portal. Two portals can be launched simultaneously and so it is recommended to use the “E” to launch a yellow portal and the “Q” key to launch the blue portal. Both Yellow and blue portals can be closed by hitting the “F” key.

Portal: The Flash version is a 2D side scrolling game. When the player progresses between the levels, he has to move over barriers and fight his way out through moving panels and surfaces that cannot be affected by the portal gun. Gamers will also be vulnerable to electricity, crushing spikes and shooting turrets that will eventually come into play once a level is passed.

Portal: The Flash version has every feature of the real game, from energy balls, turrets to cubes and even the famous crusher as seen on the original Portal trailer. In fact, the flash version of portal has some advanced feature including auto-save, in-game console, and a video walk-through which is quite rare in most flash games. The in-game console allows players to spawn objects, set the gravity level and play god by flying through walls to skip complex levels.

This impressive flash version of valve’s portal was nominated as the best web game of 2007 at the annual Zeeby awards. All in all Portal for flash is one of the best online flash games to grace the internet in recent times. With an excellent platform and outstanding features, portal: the flash version guarantees hours of entertainment.