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Organize Gaming Events

Now that we’ve gone through some of the more technical parts at the very beginning, let’s slow down a bit and go for another way that you go start on your path to becoming a pro gamer: organizing events.

There are tons of different ways that you can organize gaming events in your area. No matter if you start off small and work your way up, there are so many different areas in gaming that you can organize contests and events. But, by organizing events, you are showing gaming companies that you are what you say you are and that you can handle the pressure of organizing an event and hosting one. If you are a part of a video game community, no matter if it’s online or offline, then this is a great opportunity to display your involvement in the industry. You can easily show prospective sponsors that you have a good work ethic and that you can display initiative by organizing gaming competitions or events within the community. It also shows that you are willing to take some action to get people involved in gaming instead of just sitting around playing. This is mostly what sponsors will look for, as they want pro gamers who will actively promote their products, not just sit around and use them for free.

To get started organizing an event, there are plenty of web sites out there who will help you get everything off the ground by offering special articles and information that will help get you on the right track so that your event, no matter what size, will be a hit.

Testing Products

No, I’m not talking about beta testing … yet. But, by testing any type of product and then doing the required reports and other information, you are learning the ropes when it comes to products and tests. This will also show potential sponsors that you can take a product and review and test it with a fair and equal mind.

Here is the real beauty of testing items though: you can actually test anything at all to get testing experience. This means that if you can get a part time job testing kitchen utensils, then it will still show the gaming company that you can test something and do a good job at it. You will be surprised at the vast number of companies out there that are always looking for testers for their products, but you do want to be careful, especially when you are looking for these things online. There are too many online scams that involve testing products, so I would suggest that you check the job pages (like HotJobs and Monster) as well as local companies in your area. These are the best places to find testing positions, either full or part time. There are hundreds of thousands of companies that are looking for people to test their products, so you can usually find a great gig testing products – and they don’t even have to be kitchen utensils! It is the testing experience that the video game companies are looking for.

In the next part of this series, we will talk about every gamer’s secret pleasure – beta testing!

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