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In The Beginning

Now, you can’t just set down one morning at your PC and say “I’m going to be a pro gamer” and then ‘boom’ it happens. The process takes a while to happen and even when you do get paid to play, it won’t be something that you can live off of – at least, not at first. There are several steps that you will have to take before you can start to get paid to play, to show those who will pay you that you are worth the time and the money that they will spend in helping you become a pro gamer. Coming from someone who has forged out a career as a “paid gamer”, I can tell you that it is not easy and it is not going to happen for you overnight either. But, you can speed up the process if you take the right steps.

The first step is to start gaining experience, even if you don’t have any type of computer degree or certification yet. There are several different ways to start gaining experience to become a pro gamer, and depending on your skills and background, some will be easy to you and others will be hard. So, let’s just jump into them and start with a couple that deal with games and mods (modifications for games) which relate to PC gaming.

Create A Mini Game

Creating your own mini game is a great way to start down the experience road. By the effort it takes to create a game, even a mini game, such as programming it, testing it, fixing errors, and more, you are learning the whole gaming process and working it from start to finish. This is a great way to see how you will enjoy the long hours that it takes to be a pro gamer, and if you can stand sitting at a computer for hours on end.

Now, the game that you create doesn’t have to be some super smash hit. It can actually be one of the simplest games that you can create. In fact, if you have no clue how to create a game, you can easily find thousands of sites online that will walk you through step-by-step on creating a game. Once you have a game created, ask some friends to try it out to see what they think about it. Keep in mind that even if it’s not flashy at all, it will still take work to get it completed and off the ground; so, you will want to work your hardest to create something that you will want to show people as this will be something that you will put on your resume and profile when you are looking to become a paid gamer.

Write Game Mods

Another way to start off down the pro gamer road is to create game mods for some of the MMORPG games that are out there today. Just like with creating a mini game, there are thousands of different web sites out there that will tell you exactly how to create a game mod and use it. Creating a game mod is not usually as hard as creating your own mini game, but some of them can get quite extensive. So, in the beginning, I would suggest creating mods that are smaller until you get the hang of it. Some of the smaller mods that you can create include everything from map modifications to flying to weapons buffs to even cheats (but this is NOT one I would recommend doing, especially if you long to be a pro gamer, as you will eventually get caught).

If you aren’t experienced enough to do the coding that it takes for a mod or a game, there are plenty of other ways that you can gain the experience you need to become a pro. We will go through organizing events in your area and testing items (not beta testing… we’ll get to that in a bit) that will help you show potential sponsors that you have what it takes to be a pro gamer.

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