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Female-Gamer.com is updated on a regular basis and provides gaming news, reviews, and insight. The site includes information not only on MMOs, but also PC and console games. This site has a large list of gaming guides, as well as a Lord of the Rings Online blog that is also updated on a regular basis. However, one of the best features of the site is the shopping guide. The shopping guide steps beyond normal game reviews, and is a compilation of product reviews. This includes games, accessories, and merchandise. Female-Gamer.com also sells products of it’s own at it’s Cafe Press store.


WomenGamers.com like the previous two also features reviews and gaming news. However, this site also offers a scholarship for girls between the ages of 8 and 18 that are interested in gaming. This scholarship is for a computer summer camp, and is available once a year. The deadline for this year has passed, but those interested should apply next year. Another perk to this site is the career center. It has a section for those seeking jobs in the industry and those who are looking for employees. An account must be created to use this service.


LadyGamer.com is a site that lists recent gaming news. It also has a variety of articles and strategy tips and guides on gaming written by women. While the site doesn’t have a female only rule, it strives to project women as strong, independent, and skilled contributors in the world of gaming. While it may seem a bit stereotypical, the site also features a guy watch section, listing some of the hottest guys in the industry, along with their personal stats and a short profile description. It should be noted that the site has not been updated in a few months.

Women In Games International

Women In Games International is an organization that looks out for women working in the gaming industry, sort of like the big sister of females in gaming. This organization was founded in 2005 and is ran by well-known industry professionals, including authors, game designers, and college professors. The group is supported and sponsored by companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Sony Online Entertainment, and Intel. A complete list of sponsors can be found here. WIGI holds speaking sessions on issues pertaining to women in the gaming workforce and is often present at gaming conferences. A list of their upcoming events can be found here.