Adele Caelia

Six Commonly Overlooked MMO Design Elements

Game developers have to make decisions that will in the end determine the outcome of the game. Many of the basic elements that are found in MMOs are thought to be unnecessary and are pushed back to be added later, however, these few elements have more sway than the developers may realize.

Female Gamer Websites

Women gamers are no longer a rare occurrence, yet many gaming sites still cater to men. However, there are many resources available for female gamers that wish to find community support.

Playing MMORPGs with Your Partner

Wife aggro got you down? Do you find yourself continuously missing raid times? Has your beloved disconnected the modem right when you were about to pick up a 1337 piece of loot? Stop your partner from assassinating your character by getting her into the game; it isn’t as difficult as you think.

Top World of Warcraft Jokes

World of Warcraft has rocked the MMORPG world with it’s quirky and often humorous style. The game is known for thinking outside the box, and including jokes from recent and past pop culture. It’s not shocking that these jokes have transcended the game and have become mega hits across the Internet.