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Handmade Japanese Keyboards For PC: New Face of Keyboards

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The face of keyboards is changing. Handmade Japanese Keyboards are on the market giving users more options in the design of their PC desktops. These stunning works of art come with a USB attatchment and a variety of patterns.

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    Handmade Japanese Keyboards: Models & Design

    The website has extrodinary handmade Japanese keyboards for any PC owner who wants to add a bit of oriental style. These keyboards go beyond the simple gray, black or white traditional forms we’re all used to. Each keyboard is handmade with a different design. Renowned for their intricate craftsmanship for centuries Japan is now transferring their common computer assessories into works of art. Each board has been crafted by a Japanese artist using traditional materials such as washi paper.

    Handmade Japanese keyboards come in five distinct designs. Each model showcases a different element of Asian culture. The Kara-Kusa keyboard makes a striking impression with a solid green spiral pattern. This design appears to resemble endless vines. What I like about the unique detail is the sense of growth or prosperity it can represent. However, the bright red coloring of the characters often clash against the deep Jade coloring making it hard to decipher the proper letters.

    The Nishi-ki keyboards are my personal favorite. Crafted with an array of colorful pastel shades this model stands out. The vivid yellow shadowing fits nicely into the eloquent floral design. The butterflies nesting on flowers create a serene atomosphere.

    The Usagi Keyboard is influenced by Japanese culture. The name may sound familiar in reference to the anime ‘Sailor Moon’ who’s focal character is Usagi Tsukino ‘rabbit of the moon.’ Rabbits have been associated for centuries with moon in Japan. This stunning keyboard is adorned with these furry creatures.

    The Waza-Kura keyboard was crafted with a white backdrop and falling cherry blossoms. The femininity and simplicity of this keyboard makes it a fantastic choice for the women in your life. All of the keys have easy to read black lettering.

    The Zipang keyboard represents complete luxury. This original computer accessory is gold with characters engraved. The concept of typing on a gold keyboard seems like one from a dream. The Zip-Ang keyboard adds a level of class and distinction to your PC or office environment. Users feel like royalty checking their email while pressing gold plated keys.

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    Japanese Keyboard Images

    Kara-Kusa Keyboard by GeekStuff4U.comNishi-Ki KeyboardUSAGI KeyboardWazu-Kura KeyboardZipang Keyboard
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    Function & Compatibility

    Nishi-ki keyboards feature 86 character keys and a typical QWERTY layout. The keys are sized and spaced perfectly at 127mm in depth. Typing is surprisingly comfortable. Be careful when selecting your choice of design some models are easier to decipher keys than others. Each unit attaches to your PC through a handy USB cord or PS/2 interface. Unfortunately, for those individuals who are die-hard Mac users Japanese handmade keyboards are not an option. There are no Command keys or functionailty for Macs. These artistic treasures are strictly for PC owners. All models are fully operational on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista.

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    Final Assessment:

    Handmade Japanese keyboards have the potential to become the new face of keyboards. Crafted computer accessories can make a bold statement about us. Users who are interested in these amazingly beautiful keyboards can purchase them for about $155 USD at The Zipang keyboard costs slightly more at a price averaging $215 USD. Any of these avant-garde pieces will dramatically alter the look of your PC. Japanese handmade keyboards are great for teens, college students, anime fans, Asian culture enthusiasts, or simply someone seeking that quintessential computer accessory to represent their style.