Logitech G9 Laser Gaming Mouse Review: A Mouse For All Games

Logitech G9 Laser Gaming Mouse Review:  A Mouse For All Games
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Logitech’s ‘G’ series of gaming mice have been around since 2005 and have become very popular among the gaming community. As a company, Logitech have a wealth of experience in the manufacture of mice, having been making them for over 20 years. In fact, there’s a decent chance that the mouse you’re using at the moment rolled off the Logitech production line.

This latest PC gaming mouse - the G9 - follows on from the G5 & G7 mice, and is certainly a step or two apart from the other gaming mice currently offered. The G9 has been remodelled from scratch and with a newly designed shape, interchangeable grips as well as borrowing functions from its predecessors; it certainly looks the part and is sure to draw attention.

Shape-wise, it’s not too dissimilar to Logitech’s very early Wingman gaming mouse designs, but thankfully the G9 doesn’t borrow any further from those retro-1999 days of computer gaming.

The G9 is a wired mouse, connected to your PC by a braided USB cable to reduce friction, rather than being wire-less. The G9 also comes with interchangeable grips can be used to accommodate different hand-sizes and there are two grips included, although more should be available in the coming months. The G9 mouse also features the adjustable weight tuning function found on the earlier G5 model, which allows the user to set the weight of the mouse according to their own preference for movement of the mouse.

The grips included with the G9 accommodate both a wide load grip, which features a soft, satin feel and a precision grip, which features Logitech’s DryGrip technology. But although there is little difference between the two visually, there’s a world of difference between them functionally. The wide load grip accommodates slightly larger hand coverage, and provides additional thumb support, whereas the slightly less obtrusive precision grip is designed to help reduce sweaty-palm syndrome, prevalent during long gaming sessions.

The G9 features a redefined laser engine, capable of reading resolutions up to 3200 DPI, as well as a 1000Hz USB refresh rate. DPI can be adjusted on-the-fly by way of a well-positioned button, just below the left-click button on the mouse which allows the DPI to be changed between five predefined settings ranging from 200 to 3200. This gives the user an immense amount of control, with Logitech’s SetPoint software enabling the control of both the number of presets and the sensitivity of each axis independently.

The G9 buttons have an altogether different feel to other Logitech mice; instead of the smooth rounded feel which adorned previous incarnations, the G9’s buttons are more rounded out to elicit a more comfort-inducing place for fingers to rest on. A button at the bottom of the mouse allows the user to switch between ‘ratchet mode’ and ‘fast mode’ depending on the current purpose, while the scroll-wheel allows for side-to-side scrolling as well as up-and-down.

The G9 gaming mouse is also equipped with some memory which can be used to store up to five separate gaming profiles. This means you can create settings for specific games and take them with you.

Packaging-wise, the mouse comes in a folding box and features the two interchangeable grips, the weight pack and an installation manual. Strangely, there’s no driver CD, but Logitech recommend using their SetPoint software, which is available for download from their website.

Although trivial, the G9 isn’t without it’s flaws The worst being the LED indicator of the current DPI setting sits directly below the DPI selector button, and is thus obscured by your finger. The strange placement of the button to switch between ‘ratchet’ and ‘fast mode’ is another bugbear, although neither is really enough to dissuade any serious gamer.

The recommended use of SetPoint in order to use some of the mouse’s more exotic features, however, might put some people off as might the price - around £60 - but for a well designed, fully featured gaming mouse the Logitech G9 is a good choice.


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