Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

Virtua Tennis 2009 Review
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A brief introduction to Virtua Tennis 2009 (3 out of 5)

As Virtua Tennis 2008, the 2009 version is almost the same as the last year version, little improvement except for minor details in the graphics (the PS3 Version is way more better than the Wii version but only because of the technical aspects regarding the graphics) and the creation of characters but beside that, the game is just a clone of the 2008 version; but there is something good regarding Virtua Tennis 2009 and that is the mini-game section which is highly addictive and entertaining but they are short and they are only a minor aspect of the game itself.

Overview (3 out of 5)


The game itself doesn’t look that bad, it has nice graphics, great sounds and BGM and the chore mechanics of the game are user friendly but the game lacks of innovation and a solid narrative as well worthy opponents. At first glance during the first hours of play you will think that you bought a good Tennis game but after a few ours you will be bored by the lack of action and repetitiveness in every single stage (but what can you expect of a Tennis game?). The overview score after a quick game play is a 3 over 5, why? Because the game lacks charm to captivate the player on the first level.

Gameplay (3 out of 5)


The gameplay itself is not that bad, is relative nice and smooth and the game mechanics are quite well adapted. They can make a player hit the ball relatively easy but they don’t mimic the real tennis dynamics where someone needs to be in good shape, be well trained and have dedication to his craft, here in Virtua Tennis 2009 you just need to be persistence for a few hours a day to win every challenge.

The graphics, sounds and controls are really nice but they don’t save the game at all, because Virtua Tennis 2009 fails where his prequel conquered.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

The graphics are really interesting, they are well made and they have the components that you can find in any object in real life, deep and wide. There is something catchy about the graphics because they emulate perfectly the textures that you can find in any Tennis tournament. The given score to the graphics is a four over five, why? Because even if they are good and well made, a simple aspect as the graphics can’t save a game of being boring and repetitive, maybe next year in 2010 there are going to be some major improvements in the next installment because Virtua Tennis has potential.

Sounds and BGM (2 out of 5)

It May be one of the games that have the most boring music, sounds and BGM is Virtua Tennis 2009; the reason of the low score can be shallow but the developers (this is the first and probably only time I will say this of a SEGA game) made the game as it was in real life, with little background music, lame music and lousy effects, even the tennis from Wii sport is a masterpiece compared to this game sounds and special effects. It’s good to try to think that maybe the developers tried to use a realistic approach but they executed the idea wrongly. The given score is a two over five because of the lack of creativity.

Control and Gameplay Score (5 out of 5)


There is something interesting in the controllers of this game, the dynamics are really fun and they make the player more active than other games, as it put the player in the context of moving just to hit the ball but also the core mechanics give to the players the opportunity to his more precisely the ball, maybe the core mechanics are the only decent thing regarding Virtua Tennis 2009 at all, as the game fails in so many aspects. There is a negative aspect in the controllers, sometime they tend to react later than your initial hit, other negative

aspect is that you have to be extreme careful to not hit in the mouth or other parts of the body to the second player, sometimes you’ll make wide shots that can result in an unwanted injury.

A plus are the controls, if you are playing alone in the mini games you will be using the Wii control in different manners to fulfill the objectives of the mini game. The given score to the controls are a perfect five as in only the good thing of this game and the general score to the gameplay is a three over five because it lacks of innovation.

Overall (3 out of 5)

virtua-tennis-3-screenshot- 2

Overall the game is not good, it is disappointing and frustrating; probably you will end throwing the game with other things you don’t use anymore, although it has to be noted that the game is more enjoyed if you play with your friends or with another person as if you play by yourself there is a chance that you will get bored really easy; I don’t recommend buying this game because at the end it is a waste of time and money.