Divine Divinity Walkthrough: Aleroth

Divine Divinity Walkthrough: Aleroth
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Begin by talking to Joram, the healer who rescued you, to find out what is happening in Aleroth. Pick up anything you can find in his house; the other healers will get angry if you steal from them, but Joram doesn’t care.

When you go outside, you’ll see a cut scene of Mardaneus raving at Lanilor, the elven healer. Continue south to Mardaneus’ house, where you’ll see him become paranoid and freeze Lanilor. Take the secret entrance down the well to reach Mardaneus’ basement, then enter his house and convince him to unfreeze Lanilor.

The key to saving Mardaneus apparently lies in the catacombs under Aleroth. Click on the dragon statues near the well until they all face north to open a secret entrance to the Catacombs. When you do so, Lanilor will give you a teleporter pyramid. Using it will take you to a room full of skeletons deep in the Catacombs, where you can retrieve the other pyramid.

Side Quests

Zombie Jake is a tough enemy.

Before you venture down to the Catacombs to fight hordes of skeletons, it’s a good idea to gain experience by performing a few side quests.

Healing gem: Both the dwarven healer Otho and the lizard healer Goemoe have patients they wish to heal, but the healing shrine only has one gem left. Take the gem from the healing shrine, located northeast of Goemoe’s house, then look for the magic mirror in a house to the northwest. Drop the mirror and the gem in the water in front of Goemoe’s house to duplicate it, then give a gem to each patient. Afterwards, Goemoe will give you a point of Restoration, a healing spell.

George’s plant: When you first enter George’s house at the south of Aleroth, you’ll overhear an argument between George and his supplier. Talk to George and he’ll ask you to get some Drudanae from Lanilor’s garden. Ask Lanilor for permission first, or Otho will get angry at you! Note that when George goes into his bedroom to show you the Drudanae, you can loot his store without reprisal. (You can also loot the whole house when you find George dead, after you finish the main quest.)

Zombie Jake: The key in the graveyard to the north opens a house nearby. Move the stack of packages to uncover a hatch to the basement, where you’ll meet Zombie Jake. He’s really tough to kill, but will gain you over 10,000 XP. You can summon Zombie Jake again – and kill him for the same XP – by placing the flowers in the graveyard on his grave. He’s a bit easier to kill above ground, simply because you have more space to run around.

Killing rabbits: While this isn’t technically a side quest, running around Aleroth killing rabbits will get you about 50 XP apiece and some free meat, which you can eat to regain your health.


Skeletan Guardians are tough opponents.

Level 1: Collect the three orbs around the level and place them in the pentagrams in a room to the south. This will open a portal to a locked room with stairs to the next level. There are two side quests on the first level: retrieve a magical axe, Slasher (located under a floor tile on Level 2) and summon a zombie bodyguard (by lighting the candle in the alcove to the south).

Level 2: This is a pretty straightforward level: fight skeletons and collect treasure! There’s a locked door in the southwest corner, which you can open using a lever on the other side of the wall. Also, watch out for the really tough Skeletal Guardian near the stairs to Level 3.

Level 3: To move on to Level 4, you’ll need to open the four large tombs, each of which will summon a skeleton boss and about ten regular skeletons. These are tough fights, so have lots of potions with you. Afterwards, open one of the tombs in the center of the level.

Level 4: One of the tombs in the northeast of the level will take you to a scorpion’s den, where you can find the Shoes of the Scorpion (random magical shoes with poison resistance). Watch out for the dangerous scorpion inside! The exit to Level 5 is in the southwest.

Level 5: Clear out the perimeter of this level before heading into the central room, since the door will lock when you enter. Talk to the skeletons to get some goodies (a healing potion, a noble dagger and 100 gold), then pull the lever to the northwest to resurrect the necromancer Thelyron.

Curing Mardaneus

Mardaneus thanks you for curing him.

Turns out that Thelyron was driving Mardaneus insane. However, he’ll soon realize that being resurrected causes him terrible pain and beg you to kill him, at which point all the skeletons in the room will turn on you. Kill them all before you leave, or they’ll die when the door opens. When you exit, Mardaneus will appear, give you some XP and +1 Reputation for curing him, and open a portal to the surface.

Now that you’ve cured Mardaneus, leave through the gate and talk to Seth, a solder who’s come to ask the healers for help. Mardaneus will agree, but only if you can find an escort to protect them from the orcs. This will give you your first main quest outside Aleroth.

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