Divine Divinity: Stormfist Castle Walkthrough

Divine Divinity: Stormfist Castle Walkthrough
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Stormfist Castle Walkthrough – An Invitation to Stormfist Castle

There are three ways to get an invitation to Stormfist Castle in Divine Divinity:

  1. Complete the Orc supply train and water supply quests for Captain Mitox. Since visiting Captain Mitox is one of the first quests you get outside Aleroth, this is probably the most direct way.
  2. Solve the plague problem. This quest is a bit more involved, but possibly easier for low-level characters, as it’s more puzzle-based and you’re less likely to be surrounded by Orcs.
  3. Solve the mystery of the old Duke’s murder. This quest occurs in an area that isn’t safe for low-level characters, so you’ll probably have an invitation to the castle by the time you find it.

Once you enter Stormfist Castle, you’ll be stuck there for a while, so make sure you’re prepared. First, gain a few levels. As you level up, you gain more XP from quests but less XP from killing enemies, so the fastest way to level up at low levels is to wander around the wilderness and kill whatever you find.

Second, sell whatever you can and stash whatever you can do without for a little while, like extra food. You want to be able to carry as much as possible later on.

Finally, activate as many teleporters as you can. Your teleporter pyramid gets stolen when you enter the castle, and the teleporters make running all over the kingdom much less of a hassle.

Stormfist Castle Walkthrough – Lord Protector

Duke Janus of Ferol

When you enter the castle, an Imp will steal your teleporter pyramids. (You’ll get them back after you find Zandalor.) Next, Duke Janus will name you Lord Protector in an extended cutscene. You’ll also gain around 27,000 XP and +10 Reputation.

Your first very important job as Lord Protector is to find Lord Janus' cat. The cat, whom you’ll find south of Janus' room, is actually Zandalor’s friend, Arhu. He will inform you that Zandalor has entered the castle cellars. Don’t worry about this right now, since you can’t get to the cellars from inside the castle.

Next, Janus wants you to deliver a love letter to his girlfriend, Lela. (Her room is right next to his, but he’s far too spoiled to deliver it himself.) Then he needs you to pick flowers for Lela (found by the front gate, near the well).

Return to Janus in the throne room to witness a cutscene about the conflict between the Dwarves and the Elves. You’ll get one more quest from Janus: find Lela’s teddy bear. It’s right outside Janus' room, of course.

Once you’ve returned the bear to Lela, you’ll receive a message to come to the throne room. Ignore this until you’re finished with everything else you want to do.

Stormfist Castle Walkthrough – Exploring the Castle Grounds

Walt, the Former Bodyguard

Before you complete all the main quests and leave Stormfist Castle, you should explore the castle grounds for more backstory – and treasure.

The cottage in the southeast belongs to Duke Janus' mother, Lady Anastasia; she has been exiled there since Janus took power. There is a ruby amulet in one of her cupboards. The cottage directly north belongs to Walt, Janus' previous bodyguard, who has been forced to retire.

To the north, you’ll meet Bronthion, the Elven ambassador. Apparently the Dwarves have desecrated the Elven burial grounds, and the Elves want to go to war. The quest to uncover who really desecrated the burial grounds continues in the Dark Forest.

The larder and barracks are to the west. You might find some useful supplies there.

South of Lela’s room is a kitchen. If you help the cook wash the dishes (by dragging them into the sink), she’ll give you a vial of mystery spice, which is actually an invisibility potion.

Finally, there is much treasure to be had inside the castle. Unfortuantely, the lockpick spell doesn’t work, so the treasure room full of sparkling jewels is off-limits. However, there are some unlocked chests and cupboards with gold, jewels and other items. Most importantly, the key to the storage room in the southwest corner is located in the room just north of it. Inside the room, you will find the Shield of the Dragon, part of the powerful Dragon Armor.

Stormfist Castle Walkthrough – Leaving Stormfist Castle

When you return to the throne room, you’ll see an extended cutscene and an attack on Duke Janus. No matter what you do, he’ll complain that you didn’t move fast enough to protect him. You’ll get kicked out of the castle for good – with -15 Reputation to boot.

At this point, Iona will appear and transport to an extended hack-and-slash dungeon crawl. If you return to Stormfist Castle, the guards won’t let you inside.

There are a few bugs in Divine Divinity, and if you left treasure inside Stormfist Castle, you’ll be glad for this one. When you approach Stormfist Castle after getting kicked out, the guard’s dialogue box will pop up. Once you close it, your character will begin walking away from the castle gate. If you quickly click inside the castle before you move too far south, you can run right past the guards. Everyone inside behaves as if you’re still Lord Protector, except that no one seems to get angry if they catch you stealing. So if you don’t mind a bit of nonsensical continuity, leave your stash of goods inside Stormfist Castle before you finish the quests, then come back after you escape Iona’s dungeon.

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