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Monster Hunter 2 : Training School Guide For The PSP

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: Aaron R. ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Training School in Monster Hunter 2 is an important part of the game which you need to finish to gather points and items that you will need when playing the real game. Here are your basic Monster Hunter PSP tips and tools that you'll need for this part of the game.

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    Starting off with Beginner Training in Monster Hunter

    This section in Monster Hunter PSP gives you basic instruction on completing the Training School area. Pay attention to what the trainer is going to tell you. Sometimes we tend to ignore this AI but they do most of the time talk sense. As this is the basic training, you'll get pointers and essential hints for completing the actual game later on, especially using Monster Hunter weapons to your advantage. You'll also get some rewards and items after completing this level. The Monster Hunter Basic training level requires you to complete seven quests and these are:

    • deliver 2 pcs of raw meat
    • deliver one well-done steak
    • deliver 2 honeys
    • deliver one potion
    • deliver 1 sushi fish
    • deliver 1 carnivore egg
    • hunt for the Giadrome

    The next parts of this training teach you on using the games various Monster Hunter weapons, arranging items in your inventory and some information on hunting.

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    Monster Hunter 2 : Training School Guide

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    Solo Training Level in Monster Hunter PSP

    Here's where the Monster Hunter Training School becomes more challenging and interesting. The Solo Training level gives you 10 battle training quests that you need to finish in the Great Arena and 5 training quests to be done in various real areas in the game.This training part is pretty important because you'll earn essential items which you can later on use in the real game. These include coins, tickets, steel eggs, small goldenfish and expand pick axes. Most importantly, your performance in this training quest will be translated into Pokke points which again is very valuable when you are playing the real game alredy. The key in getting the best out of this game is to use Monster Hunter weapons that have a high point multiplier for higher points. Battle training offers you 5 Monster Hunter weapons to use in the 10 training quests, hence giving you 50 training unique quests all in all.

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    Group Training Level

    This level of the Monster Hunter Training School allows you to finish it either alone or with up to four of your gaming friends. Make sure to put the PSP's WLAN switch when playing the Group Training Level. You're going to battle monsters which have more HPs in this training and more often than not, they take a longer time and more resources to defeat. The battle takes place in some real game arenas and beating this training awards you with training points which would be valuable when you are playing the real game.