Arx Fatalis Cheats, Secrets and Hints for Windows PC

Arx Fatalis Cheats, Secrets and Hints for Windows PC
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Arx Fatalis: Overview

Arx Fatalis is a unique first-person RPG developed by Arkane Studios. Inspired by the Ultima Underworld series, the game is very open-ended with numerous side-quests and puzzle-based levels. Players undertake various quests, collect weapons, armor and runes to reach the end chapter and defeat Akbaa, the God of Destruction.

The magic system in the game has a very novel approach. The spell-casting system relies on mouse gestures. Players have to use the Ctrl key and mouse to draw runes in mid-air. The runes, if correctly drawn, cast a spell successfully. There are several spells available, and players can acquire more by searching or buying different runes as he or she progresses through the levels.

An open-ended game like Arx Fatalis has some great cheats and hints. Here are some of the most popular Arx Fatalis cheats, secrets and hints.

Arx Fatalis Cheats, Secrets and Hints

Arx Fatalis Secrets and Hints:

1. Even if you have an insufficient amount of strength, you can wear the heavy armor. All you need to have is the Ylside armor and the Bless spell. Cast the spell and wear the armor. Even when the spell has no effect, the armor can still be put on.

2. If you want to receive a higher price on the gems sold, just double-click on the gems and then sell them to the dealer. Then purchase the dealer’s gems and again repeat the selling process by double-clicking on them. You will sell the gems at a higher price.

3. While searching for the Earth & Water goblin clans, locate a dealer in the cave. Go to his shop and sell every item you have, except some weapons. Purchase the Disarm Trap spell. With the weapons in hand, kill the shopkeeper and his acquaintance, acquire the key and get all your items back. In this way you have the gold as well as all your items.

4. You can try this nice trick. Just drink as much wine as possible; you will see a drunken, dizzy effect.

5. In the final chapter of the game, you will see three soldiers standing by the Serpent Pillar, in level four, room ten. Nobody knows why these three soldiers are standing. It would be better to ignore them than have a brawl. Try it out!

Spell-Casting/Rune Codes

Arx Fatalis Cheats: Spell Casting/Drawing Runes

Runes can be activated mid-air with the help of Ctrl and the mouse. Runes are generally denoted by alphabets A, D, F, M, L etc. You have to draw them in mid-air just as you write them on a piece of paper; the only difference is that you draw them with the help of mouse gestures.

• To move faster in any level draw R, A and F runes in mid-air.

• To reveal the full map draw S, O and S runes in mid-air.

• To become invincible and have many weapons as well as all runes draw M, A and X runes in mid-air.

• You can also make your graphics look like the vintage Ultima Underworld. The developers may have hidden this code to pay tribute to this classic dungeon-crawler game. Just draw U, U and W runes in mid-air and enter the classic Underworld visual mode. Remember, you will have to attempt this code many times to unlock this goody.

These were some of the best Arx Fatalis cheats, secrets and hints. Hope you will enjoy the game!