Getting Regnum Online Running in Linux

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Regnum Online - Free RvR Combat MMORPG

You’ve heard all the hype about Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, about how great RvR combat is. Well, the fact is, it’s all true. RvR, when well implemented, is a ton of fun to experience, as you spend time rampaging across the countryside with your fellow realm-mates, defend keeps, and slaughtering the enemy hordes. Well, believe it or not, there is another game with RvR combat, lurking in the background of the MMORPG world.. and not only this, it is also a free-to-play game.

The game has a feel quite similar to DAoC, though it does have less complexity to it than the grandfather of all RvR games, DAoC, had in its later iterations. You can choose to be either a warrior, archer, or magic user from each of the three realms in the game. The game essentially plays out in one giant area, with each realm’s starting classes beginning on the edges of the area, tucked away in valleys between the surrounding mountains. As you level up, your best zones for leveling are further and further out, toward the center of the giant zone. The closer to the center, the deeper you are in RvR territory, and in the late game the focus really is on RvR most of all.

Ultimately, once you hit level 50, you are in the middle of the map, mixing it up with enemy players, vying for dominance of the battlefield. This is a great MMORPG experience for a free-to-play game, though it’s fair to say that it doesn’t measure up to Dark Age of Camelot or Warhammer Online. Additionally, the playerbase is half Spanish speaking, half English speaking, so at times it can be difficult to communicate with other players.

This is a great addition to the catalog of Linux MMORPG’s, it’s great to have at least one native Linux RvR game. I enjoyed my time in the game. You can probably hope to get about 3 months of enjoyment from the game, but the lack of complexity ultimately makes the game a bit less fun in the long run.

Getting Regnum Online Running in Linux

Begin by downloading the client at the official site. Once it’s downloaded, open a terminal on your Linux OS, go to the directory which your install file is in, and type in the following, exactly at it is shown here:

chmod a+x name_of_file.bin (Press Enter)

sudo ./name_of_file.bin (Press Enter)

Replace “name_of_file” with the name of your Regnum install file. Executing these two commands should cause the Regnum installer to run, and install the game on your computer.

If you run into any problems, these forums are an excellent resource for Linux users, with members who are always very happy to help people with any Linux questions that they may have.

Here’s to a smooth install, and enjoy the game!

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