Getting A Tale in the Desert 4 Installed in Linux

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A Tale in the Desert 4 - A Peaceful Linux MMORPG Experience

Linux users tend to be think-outside-the-box types.. people who are open to trying things which are outside of the usual mainstream. It’s not surprising then that the creator of A Tale in the Desert, Teppy, decided to create a native linux client for his innovative, outside-of-the-norm MMORPG.

A Tale in the Desert is a unique game in that it marks progression according how well the players cooperate and work together to help one another to attain success in the game. There is no combat in A Tale in the Desert; It is mostly a game about crafting, about social gatherings in which the attainment of certain goals are sought by a large portion of the playerbase, and about using your mind to figure out how to progress in the game and make your way into the upper levels of the game.

Linux and ATITD are an excellent combination, both attract an eclectic group of players to the game, and it’s not unusual to see philosophical discussions or other intelligent conversation in the game’s many chat windows. The real essential enjoyment of the game is in interacting with a diverse group of players who all get along very well together. The only way to achieve anything in the game is to work alongside other players, helping them to attain things in the game, so in the long run everyone makes it and everyone ends up having a great time doing so.

How Do You Get ATITD Running in Linux?

Like most native-Linux MMORPG’s, getting A Tale in the Desert running on your Linux install is a simple matter of downloading the install file, and running it. ATITD’s install file is a little quirky though, as things oftentimes can be in Linux. Linux is still growing into its “user-friendly” shoes, though it has made incredibly strong progress in this area in a very short amount of time.

You can find the Linux version of the A Tale in the Desert client over at the Official Webpage for ATITD. Once you’ve downloaded the install file, you may find that it is not easy to install. The install file is a .run file, which only Linux expert would probably know how to run. Here is a webpage with instructions on how to install this type of file.

Enjoy the game! It’s a refreshing change from the usual MMORPG. Tale 4 has just started as of December 14th or so of 2008, so now is a great time to get started in the game. See you in Egypt!

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