Lord of Ages: Browser Based MMO War Game Review

Lord of Ages: Browser Based MMO War Game Review
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Lord of Ages Game Basics (4 out of 5)

Lord of Ages is web based war game that puts the player in control of their own city. Players start with a city town center and need to build resources, population, barracks and other structures to build up their empires. As the player gets more advanced they can join an alliance and fight other players on the game map. Resources play a key role and food, wood, iron and stone need to be collected in large amounts so the player has a good enough economy to build a large army and train technology without interruption. With an inn you can unlock heroes for your army and a higher level inn will allow you to have more heroes.

City Structures (4 out of 5)

Lord of Ages

The city in Lord of Ages can have many different structures. The town hall is where you manage your city and see the buildings your currently constructing. Your town hall can also help speed up the production of your structures at higher levels. The marketplace can allow you to buy and sell goods and increase your overall gold for your city. The academy is used to train different technologies such as army or economy upgrades. The barracks trains your troops while the rally point sends them on missions to the game map. A beacon tower can help you improve scouting and alert you to attacks incoming against your city. The outside of your city is where you’ll find your farms, lumber mills, quarry, and iron mines for resource production. Wit an expansion bureau you can acquire another city and begin to expand your empire.

General Game Play (4 out of 5)

Like most browser based war games you spend a great deal of time waiting for things to build and this can turn some players off. It can take some time to get your city strong enough until your able to fight other players. It’s essential that you find a good alliance because you won’t get very far in games like this without one. The graphics in Lord of Ages are quite good for a browser game. You can see people moving around your city. The colors are bright and the menus are quite easy to use. The game map is a little plain but cities are spread out enough so you can easily see what is going on around you in the game. There’s a handy chat screen to the left of your screen you can sue to converse with other players in the game.

Conclusion (3 out of 5)

While Lord of Ages might not offer anything new in the strategy browser game genre it is easy to play and can be fun. Joining an alliance is a must in games like this and it can take time to develop a large enough army and have enough cities to make it fun. New players might get turned off by the time it takes to train troops, technologies and build up your city.