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Browser MMO Game Reviews: War Of Legends

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

War of Legends is a multiplayer strategy war game with an Asian theme. Players battle for control of the game map using armies led by hero units. Resources and technology play a key role in the advancement of the player. Trade, join alliances, and complete quests as you develop your cities.

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    War of Legends Game Basics

    War Of Legends War of Legends is a strategy browser war game which never stops and takes place in real time. The game has an Asian style theme with players starting with a single town center. There are and three areas of game play including Inside the city where houses, barracks and other buildings are constructed. Outside the city is for resource production such as food to feed troops. The last area is the game map where players move around armies and conquer areas of the map including other players cities or NPCs. Players use technology, heroes, armies, and their economy to help them achieve success in the game. It is also vital for the player to join an alliance so they have protection from more aggressive players on the map.

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    Game Economy

    War Of Legends Like most browser games resources play a key role in the development of a player’s city. In War of Legend’s you have five main resources including food, wood, stone, copper, and gold. Food is needed to feed your troops and also for building production. Wood, stone, and copper are needed for armies as well as the economy. Gold is used for technology advancement , troop production, and for trading with other players via the marketplace. Since you need to pay for the production of your troops gold is the most important resource in the game. To increase your resources you need to level up your mines, farms and mills outside the city. Gold can be increased by raising taxes and producing more housing for population. You can also increase resources and gold by taking it from other players during combat.

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    To advance to a high level in the game you need technology which can be trained via the University. You can train city technologies such as increased food or faster building production to improve the economy of your city. Army technologies include faster unit construction, increase defense, and increased attack. The legend technologies improve the abilities of your hero units in the game such as the ability to command more troops. You can unlock higher level technologies by upgrading your university andother buildings in your city.

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    War of Legend Hero Units

    War of Legends Another important part of War of legends is the hero unit or legend. Heroes lead armies or stay in the city to manage the economy. With the legend pavilion and legend sanctuary you can recruit heroes to your cause. Besides game heroes your character is also a hero and can lead troops in the game. Your legends have statistics which can be upgraded as they do tasks such as fighting in the game. So for example a legend might have extra courage to help soldier perform better in battle or strategy to lead more troops. You can hire and dismiss legends at any time you wish and new ones can be found in the legend pavilion building.

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    War of Legends War is of course the main focus of this game and you need a garrison for troop training and a parade ground to send tem on missions. Chose from units such as swordsmen, halberdiers, archers and charioteers as the backbone of your armies. When your troops meet opposition on the game map you will get a nice graphic depiction of the war. While your troops don’t move it’s a nice change from the text warfare found in other browser war games. Technology upgrades as well as hero upgrades will improve the performance of your troops.

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    Game Quests

    The game also has a quest system which you can use. There are basic quests such as increasing your resource production or training troops which will give you a reward once completed. Other quests will require you to invade parts of the map. There are portions of the map called paradises and these will yield quests for you to do too. All your quests can be founding the tasks menu and will light green once completed so you can claim your reward.

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    Game Interface

    The Interface for War of legends is nicely done and the graphics are better than most browser games on the market. The inside of the city is colorful but the building graphics are a little small. The outside of the city has the same nice appearance but suffers from the same small buildings. The map is well done with cities large enough to see well and spaced out enough so they don’t blend all together which is a problem on some browser games. You can make out mountains, hills, and plains clearly on the map and everything is labeled well. The chat system has individual tabs so you if you just want to talk to alliance members you can go to that tab. Menus do take some time to load and that is one of the only downsides to the great interface besides the small looking buildings.

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    War of Legends is a very nice looking browser style MMO. The interface is a big highlight of this game along with a great game map. Technology, heroes, and quests improve the strategy element in the game and make you think as you build your city. Be sure to join an alliance and play with other players to get a feel from the game and learn all you can. The War of Legends website can be helpful for new players so be sure to pay it a visit or check out the forums,