Evony Guide: Basics of Comat

Evony Guide: Basics of Comat
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Evony Combat Basics


Combat Basics

Combat in Evony is text based, so you don’t actually move physical units around the map. To initiate combat you need to build a rally point, and a barracks. The academy will give you technologies to help you create more advanced fighting units like cavalry, for example. Once your units are built you can click on an area of the map and start your battle. It will take your army time to reach their destination depending upon how far away the combat is taking place on the game map. Let’s look at each area of setting up for combat and see how to start your first war.

Battle Types

There are three types of battles in the game. The most common battle is against other player controlled cities and Alliances. The next battle type is the control of valleys which are normally controlled by NPC armies. If you capture a valley it gives your city a production bonus depending upon the level of the valley. The third battle type is against NPC cities controlled by AI. These cities usually have good defenses so you need to build a large army to defeat the city. All battle types require a hero unit, barracks building, and rally point building.

Battle Reports

Once combat has been finished you will gain access to the battle report. This will tell you who won or lost and the casualties on either side. If you win the battle you will usually loot some resources to take back to your city and there is a chance you will loot a game item such as a medal which helps your character advance in the game or upgrades your hero unit. If you defeat a human player you will gain honor points which is really just bragging rights for your city.

Evony Hero Units

Evony Hero Unit

Evony Hero (Leader Of Your Army)

In Evony the hero unit plays a big role. The hero leads your army in an attack mission or defends your city from invaders. The hero is trained by building the inn and feasting hall buildings. The feasting hall is where the unit is recruited and the inn is where they stay. All heroes have levels and the level of your hero is totally random when you recruit them through the feasting hall. The heroes in the hall will change over time so you can pick and choose which ones you want. The heroes also have skills such as attack skills and higher skills will make them better in battle. You cannot do the attack mission without having a hero trained. The hero will gain experience points as they win battles which will make them better. The hero also cannot be killed, and will return to your city if the battle ends in defeat. Upgrade the levels of your feasting hall and inn to train more heroes and have a place for them to stay.

Evony Rally Point

March Screen

Evony Rally Point

You can’t fight battles in Evony without a rally point. Each upgrade of your rally point will allow you to send one additional army out for battle. There are several missions you can do including scouting, reinforcement, transporting, and attacking. Your rally point also allows you to set up mock battles where you enter in units against each and see what unit type would most likely win against the other. For example, you could put 100 pikemen up against 200 archers and see the outcome. Your rally point also has a medic camp and any soldier that survived the battle will turn up here. You can heal the wounded units by using gold and they will automatically return to your army inside your city. To send troops, click on an area of a map and it will give you an option to scout, or attack. It is a good idea to send out scouts before battle and gather information.

Evony Barracks

Evony Barracks

Evony Barracks

Like other MMOs the barracks is where you train your troops. Each troop you train will require resources but won’t consume any gold. The higher the level of your barracks the more advanced troops that you can build. The level of your academy also determines the level of troops you can build and also the technologies you have trained. To send troops on a mission, click the area of the map you want to send them to or type in the coordinates if you know them. The rally point will open automatically and you can send your trained troops from there. You have a selection of units including warriors, scouts, swordsmen, archers, cavalry, and siege units.



Using scouts before you attack anything is a good idea. Scouts move much faster and will return with valuable data to assist you in your attack. If your scout returns and you can’t see any information from the report screen you need a higher level of the technology “informatics“, which you can train at the academy. This technology allows you to see the troop levels, buildings and other structures in the area of the map you are attacking. This technology should be one of the first ones you build in the academy. To send scouts, click the area of the map you want to send them to and pick the scout option. The rally point opens and you can send them from there. The mission is not always a success, and they can be killed.

Your City Defenses

**Walls In Evony**

Evony Defensive Buildings

During combat you can defend your city in two ways. You can build wall and fortifications and use that as your first line of defenses. Your enemy will take a great deal of casualties trying to break through the defenses such as archer towers and the walls. It is recommended that you build up the walls and put as many defenses around them as you can afford. If your defenses are broken through your city will fight with the troops stationed there. You can assign one of your heroes to lead the garrison inside the city. You also have the option of sending your troops outside the walls to fight but you should let your wall defenses do the work to preserve your troops. You can build upgraded walls, archer towers, traps and other fortifications by clicking the walls in your city.

The Beacon Tower

Beacon Tower

The Beacon Tower

This defensive tower is built inside your city and It will give you a report on any attacks heading your way from the battle report screen. The higher the level of the beacon tower the more advanced warning you will get. If you are offline when this occurs you won’t see anything, because the battle will have already taken place. This tower is very useful when you are online and gives you time to respond to the attack.


This Evony combat guide should help you with your combat in the game. Take it slow and get to know the system well. Ask your Alliance members for help. On the forums you will find more information about combat and other topics related to this great game. If you are new to the game, check out my Evony basic guide or visit the official Evony Website.

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