Evony: Age II PC Review - the Evony game moves into Age II

Evony: Age II PC Review - the Evony game moves into Age II
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Evony Age II Basics (4 out of 5)

Evony has recently changed and introduced new graphics,and enhanced game play. In this Evony Age II PC game review we will look at some of these changes as well as the basics of the general game. Evony Age II now let you link your account with Facebook if you wish and play with your Facebook friends. The game still follows the same basics as the first game. Players are given one city to start that needs to be built up with resources, technology, and military units. Food, wood, stone, iron, and gold make up the resources needed by players for their empire. Technology also plays a major role in the game with the academy building allowing for upgrades to the economy and military units. Heroes are also present in the game and they can help lead your armies or make your city run better economically. Players can fight other players and NPCs on the game map as they attempt to expand their empires. Alliances play a key role in the game and being a lone player is not recommended as you will be easy prey for more experienced players.

New Achievements/Quests (4 out of 5)

Evony Age II

New to the game is the achievement system. This systems gives you points for completing certain tasks. So for example you can receive 35 points for training 1000 workers, 25 points for producing 100,000 food, or 25 points for killing 1000 warriors. As you complete achievements you can trade them in for prestige awards later on in your game. You can also receive bonuses for doing some achievements such as a gold or reduction in infantry cost. The game now features more quests that you can do including hero quests. With hero quests you usually donate something such as resources or troops to a cause for gold reward, game item, or prestige award. Another new type of quest is the commission quest. In this quest you can have other players help you and reward them with Evony game cents.

Evony Combat (4 out of 5)

Once you have built the barracks and rally point you can train troops for battle. The inn and feasting hall will allow for hero recruitment to lead your armies. You can’t go into battle with a hero to lead your army. Heroes have statistics that can be enhanced to make them better in battle or politics for example. Your heroes can also wear armor and carry weapons made in the workshop which will enhance their performance in battle too. As your hero completes battles they will receive experience points you can use to upgrade their statistics. You can apply offensive or defensive stratagems to give yourself the edge in combat.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Evony Age II is still the basic medieval style war game that it always was with a few changes. The graphics are better inthis version of the game. Players can still play Evony Age I if they don’t like this version so there are different options. There are more quests and the achievement system is unique which gives you something to strive for. Unfortunately there are no new units to train or buildings and the map still seems cluttered with too many cities close together. The game does feature a nice beginners tutorial now for the new players. Evony Age II is a good browser medieval game but not much has changed change form the first version. Be sure to visit the Evony forums for more information about Evony Age II.