Hard Corps: Uprising Preview

Hard Corps: Uprising Preview
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Action-Packed Running and Gunning - Hard Corps: Uprising Preview

It’s pretty obvious that the folks over at Konami know how to make their side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups. Contra was evidence of that way back in the retro gaming days, and it is a game that people still play to this very day. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Konami is hard at work with Hard Corps: Uprising, a downloadable title that will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next year.

Despite its name, Hard Corps: Uprising will be an entry in the Contra series. Though the game’s title doesn’t bear the Contra name, it follows right where Contra: Hard Corps for the Sega Genesis left off. But what can fans of the popular shoot ‘em up franchise expect from this digital download?

Up Up Down Down… You Get the Idea

Hard Corps: Uprising will feature that same brand of Contra gameplay with a few new elements and modes.

Hard Corps: Uprising takes place 20 years before the events in the original Contra. You can expect the same type of gritty, ‘80s action movie plot that the series has become known for over the years as well as action-packed shooting gameplay to accompany the story. Developer Arc System Works is creating a game that definitely feels like Contra by borrowing many of the elements that the famed series is known for. However, just because this is another Contra game doesn’t mean there’s nothing new to look forward to. Hard Corps: Uprising will feature dashing, jumping, and counter moves as well as new weapons.

A new mode of play will also be included in the game. Rising Mode, as it is being called, will feature RPG elements that should add a new dimension to the standard Contra formula. You’ll be able to upgrade your health bar and weapons as well as learn new abilities for taking out your enemies. It will definitely be interesting playing Hard Corps: Uprising in this manner.

If you played older Contra games, then you know what they were about: tough-as-nails gameplay that was rewarding despite its brutal difficulty. Hard Corps: Uprising is not going to be any walk in the park. Though games have suffered from forgiving difficulties these days, Hard Corps: Uprising looks to be a throwback to not only the shoot ‘em up gameplay of Contra during its heyday, but also its high level of difficulty. Older fans will understand this right off the bat, while newer gamers should be forewarned.

The Uprising is Coming - Hard Corps: Uprising Preview

Expect to die. Many times.

If you enjoyed shoot ‘em ups in the ‘80s and ‘90s, then it’s hard not to get excited with Konami’s latest foray into the genre. Hard Corps: Uprising may very well be more of the same, but it will add new elements to the mix in an attempt to make this shooter feel both retro and relevant. Contra fans, save up those digital dollars. Hard Corps: Uprising will launch on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network next year.