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The West Review

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Go on a journey into the Wild West and become a true cowboy in this free MMORPG. Fight for the power and respect required to take over a town. Discover what this western style MMO has to offer the average trigger happy gun slinger.

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    The Wild West Goes Virtual

    The West  Game - Free MMO games The West is one of those rare text based free games that allows players to travel through time. Adventure deep into the historic Pioneer days of the Wild West. In this fun MMO players can live the western frontier life, participate in gunfights at OK Corral, socialize at the local saloon, duel a fierce rival, or create a reputation as the toughest cowboy around. American West history repeats itself in this imaginative online RPG. Start with nothing and work your way up the ranks. Players can choose to become a diligent citizen or rule the county by taking over a town.

    Take a trip to a time where Cowboys and Indians were more than a childhood game. It was real life. Western American history has always been fascinating. Stories, books, and movies have been used to keep the legacy of the great Wild West alive. Now in this unique MMO game players can relive the good ole days where legends like Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Daniel Boone ruled the west.

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    Prep for Duel Screenshot - The West MMO free game In The West each player begins as an adventurer with the option to work their way up to soldier. Your objective is to establish yourself in the new frontier. Accepting quests and odd jobs help you earn money to move up the ranks. Players stop by the saloon to visit Henry Walker the barkeeper. He hands out various quests or temporary work assignments. These tasks can include defeating Double-Face Jules in a duel, picking tobacco, or helping out a fellow pioneer in need. Every completed battle or quest increases your skill level. Players can also collect clothing items, firearms, and cash during their adventure. The gameplay is fun but the jobs require lengthy time allotments before moving on. Players can send telegrams to others and level up to running a town.

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    Graphics & Sound

    Local Saloon - The West Game Screenshot The simulated graphics are all nicely done. Each image depicts an animated version of a western frontier scene. Brawls and duels feature a vivid re-enactment with hand movements, smoke effects, and firearm sounds. It adds a nice virtual world feel to the tough western aspect of the game.The West is a text based so the sound is minimal. This doesn't take away from the overall look of the game. Character images appear alongside each descriptive task. During duels players can hear authentic sounding gunshots that add to the cowboy inspired theme. There is also an option to mute the occasional gunshot sound for players who prefer the silence.

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    Frontier Life In The West

    The West Game Screenshot - Western American History In The West game players can become a real western pioneer. Taking on all of the obstacles many explorers faced during that era. Often in the west those tasks included farming the untouched land, mining for gold, and fighting ruthless outlaws for survival. Players will find The West to be a virtual simulation of that particular time.

    Members in the MMO community enjoy participating in the active forum. A section is devoted to Campfire Stories in which fellow MMO gamers add a post to an unfolding story like many of the pioneers did in the west for entertainment. Some of the work modules load slowly it’s a great way to kill time.

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    Gold Nuggets -Optional Subscription Model -

    The West Gold Nuggets - Free Games It's simply not the Wild West without hunting for gold. Although, money is easily earned in this game through working and taking on quests gold nuggets are the key to luxury. They change your account status to premium. This gives advantages in all elements of the game including a noteworthy character bonus. Players can benefit from increased wages, faster regeneration, and more automation which can speed up the lengthy quest assignments. A special log is also added. Precious gold nuggets must be purchased. Bundles of gold are available in packs ranging from 5 nuggets for $2.99 to 100 gold nuggets for $27 USD.

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    Overall Rating - The West

    The West Map - MMO free games Overall The West is a great game. Although, the gameplay can be a bit slow for some gamers taste it's still entertaining for a text-based game. This game is somewhat similar to the popular Oregon Trails series. The MMO community is filled with fellow western lovers that you can send messages to via your dashboard area. Purchase guns, duel, brawl in the saloon, or start your own town.

    The West is perfect for those older gamers who loved the original PC game Oregon Trails. Players adventure into the vast western frontier for a journey beyond the Appalachian Mountains. This game is loads of fun. Click and explore part of American history.

    If you happen to be a history buff or ever secretly wished to be a cowboy The West is for you. Hit the dusty trails and make a home for yourself in rugged Wild West.